How to pay: with an elephant and a transfer?

The tax has been filed and you have to take the next step, pay the tax. How to do it? You have the opportunity to choose. Either a non-cash transfer from here at the bank by order or a postal voucher for cash and cash at the cash register of the financial line.

When you send a pension from here at the bank, do not leave the payment so at the last minute, the transfer of pensions takes some time. Banks usually do not execute the order on the day of business, but the next day and in the year I start a year out of delay. Those who will pay the sweat for the pot have the most time. Here you pay the stamp of the sweat when you paid the pension. Even if the pots in large cities are open and until full moon, then reckon with the fact that there will be queues and it could happen that there will be no number for everything until full moon.

We’re sailing an elephant

The Ministry of Finance, together with the Czech Sweat, issued a special tax bill. Its appearance is the same as in 2006 and you can pick it up at all branches of the Czech Republic or at the financial office. This form of payment is exempt from sweat fees.

Daov elephant must contain the following data:

■ fill the drain on the right, do not enter the hall. Cross the empty space in front of the drain with a double horizontal line.
■ fill in the financial or customs line F / C on the right only the base of the balance (without the prefix). Do not add or perfuse empty space. Attention, that ad m jin slo. Find out directly at the finance office or on the website of the Ministry of Finance
■ Fill in the variable symbol (used to identify the flag) from the right of birth (natural persons) or I (first persons). Do not add or bleed empty spaces.
■ specific symbol (fill in only if required), fill in from the right and do not fill in or cross the empty space.
■ drink the name of the financial series in words (eg Prague 9)
■ You can mark the type of tax (prefixed here) with only one type of tax from the menu or by selecting the option of another and fill in the number of the required type of tax. To pay more types of taxes, you must always fill in a new tax form.
■ Fill in the sender’s address on the main length and on the confirmation in a verifiable manner, using a deep dog, including the destination direction.

  • Daov sloenka HERE

Order to the castle

Although the tax invoice is intended for cash payments through the Czech Republic, many people use it as a basis for non-cash payment of taxes in the form of Internet and telephone banking or by order to the castle. Therefore, if you decide to pay the tax in cashless form by order to the castle bank or through telephone and internet banking, you must enter all the three basic items specifying the bank connection number F:

■ The prefix of the bank here (indicates the type of tax) for income tax is 721
■ Find out here about the financial series either directly on the specific series or at:
■ If the variable symbol has been assigned a data identifier (DI), write the DI stem in the column for the variable symbol, followed by the letters CZ.

If you are not registered, ie you have not assigned a DI, in the case of a natural person, enter the IO in the variable symbol field of the birth symbol, without any spaces, dashes or slashes, in the case of the first person, enter your IO.
■ when the bank is connected and must always be 0710 (NB)


the tax here from income F in Prague 9 is: 721-7623091 / 0710. If you state only the amount of the financial line during the transfer, ie without the bank account, the bank will not accept the payment and will debit it.

Beware of fines

If you can’t pay the tax or pay the bad money, you will have to laugh at the fact that it will be something. How many crowns will it be, badly, whether you realize the mistake yourself or exchange the fine financially. Don’t rely on the fact that, for example, you had an entrepreneur from a big city and control yourself. Due to the fact that financial choices are chosen by the world according to many criteria and sometimes they are chosen to sweat, they have to control everyone with control.

How much extra pay

■ when you pay late, but yourself, ie not on the basis of control from the financial series, the year of delay vs comes to: ron the year is set as the repo rate of the national bank (currently it is 2.5%) + 14%, in total, 16.5% of the debt of ron

■ when the financial error occurs and gives me the house, the year of delay vs comes to: ron the year is set as a repo
national bank rate (currently 2.5%) + 14%, for a total of 16.5% of ron penle debt: 20% of debt

■ if the child has a tax payment period, the year of arrears vs comes to: the year is set as the repo rate of the national bank (currently it is 2.5%) + 7%, ie a total of 9.5% of the debt ron.

Opt vm pomhme s danmi

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