How to go to the apartment in a few steps in a few days

It only takes a few days for me to go to the apartment. After all, the banks promise it too. However, you need to be prepared for this. You wonder what it will be like for you to pay the mortgage in the bank smoothly.

To return to housing, you can go to a bank, building society or broker, which will offer you several financial conditions.

Hypotka: Ideln is to have cash loaded, mortgages up to 85 percent of the value of the property you put into the mortgage are cheaper.

Building spoons: A cheap variant is dn vr, for that bag there is a year, and when you meet several conditions. In the building savings, you can get a pension even an instant, in the form of a so-called infernal roar.

Refinancovn: You can think about it in the case of a mortgage when changing the fixation, in the case of a building connection during a period, it is even possible to repay the loan at any time and go elsewhere.

If the property you are buying is also the one you want to ruin, it is better to focus only on apartments in personal ownership. Although you can get a mortgage for a busy apartment today in the form of a so-called pre-mortgage, the bag is very complicated. It is a condition for you to be transferred to personal ownership no later than a year later.

If you do not sign a reserved contract or a contract for a future contract, let the property be sold by the bank. Realtors will sometimes offer an apartment for which the ddick zen is not finished, but you will not have such a property as a mortgage.

Building spoons: Only the guarantor is in the red. You can see the largest number of properties without a property at Buinka, up to 800 thousand crowns.

Refinancovn: If you took out a 100% mortgage, you should get better terms with the refinancing. You have repaid the money and it is possible that the new bank will offer a year in the category of up to 85 percent of the value of the mortgaged property, and therefore cheaper.

You will need proof of income, copies of flat lease or insurance contracts plus proof of purchase of the property. Take it easy, in some cases you will have to insure yourself. It costs hundreds of cheaper risks, but some banks have a one-year mortgage rate, where you choose both capital and investment insurance.

You must provide the bank with a number of documents relating to the property. This is the so-called title deed, which you will receive at the cadastral ad and you can submit to it at the Czech Point office. You may also need a snapshot of the cadastral map. For the estimate of the property price, pay about five thousand crowns, but the estimate will be for the debt and the one for free.

Hypotka: On top of that, you can write enough about the mortgage, in which you determine how many years you want to meet, how long can be the period of fixing the rate years and gave the conditions of the year.

Building spoons: The documents are similar to the mortgage. “If you provide the help of the guarantor, remember that the guarantee must be agreed between the spouse of your guarantor and the signatures on the guarantor contracts must be first,” reminds Hana Vankov from Modr pyramida.

Refinancovn: Banks that refinance will usually be satisfied with the documents you used in the original enough. You will only need to send the current debt (from the current bank).

The bank usually evaluates the submitted amount or within a week, and if it is in the form, it will invite you to sign the contract. If you do not understand him in the contracts, ask now. After signing with each right, pay. Simultaneously with the loan agreement, the bank prepares documents for the mortgaged property. At the moment, the bag will be signed by the seller, because the property is owned by him. Then place the mortgage contract in the cadastre and purchase the contract the day after. You need both deposits to have different dates.

Hypotka: The fee bv pl and one percent of the loan. Pay first, then sign the contract. Offer mBank and Fio banka mortgages free of charge, the rest of the time is limited by events when the fee is zero or reduced.

Building spoons: The fee for concluding a contract is one percent of the duty, for which nothing is usually paid.

Refinancovn: Here, the contract is free.

Now comes the real estate insurance. The insurance contract must be drawn up, the so-called foreclosure, in favor of the bank.

The bank will issue an order for sending the deposit on the basis of the submitted proposal for the deposit of the first mortgage confirmed by the cadastre and the real estate will be insured. The pension can be kept in a deposit box or at a special bank and the seller will pay off and at the moment when the registration of the new owner in the cadastre is completed.

Go look for the seller to pay the property transfer tax, you are the guarantor.

Hypotka: After paying the pension, you must pay the mortgage within the agreed term. Until you take out the mortgage (and go down), pay the bank years of depletion.

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