How to get sick to get a pension without sweat and fast

Marodit is not financially difficult. The payment of sickness benefits is delayed due to the number of errors. Always pass on the incapacity to your employer, do not forget to add how you want to send the pension, the advice of an expert.

Eva Bolckov, director of the Sickness Insurance Department of the Czech Social Security Administration, answers questions about sick leave, where people are most embarrassed or wrong.

I fell ill in January 2011 and will be sick for a while. How to proceed first so that I drink sick as soon as possible?
Disability from the doctor must always be handed over to the employer. The entitlement to sickness benefit applies IV. according to the form “Decision on temporary incapacity for work” (with the same stripe), which is filled in. But you will not forget IV. dl turn, sign and fill in whether you want to send a pension to et et elephant. Otherwise I will get sick.

It is better to have a pension sent to you, the cost of paying the castle to the recipient of the sick leave. In order to pay the allowance, it is necessary to supply a certificate of permanent incapacity for work, the so-called pension ticket. He usually exhibits during the inspection. The pension supplement is handed over again to the employer, who immediately separates it from the District Social Security Administration (OSSZ) and pays the two.

When can I first meet with the payment of a sick leave?
The deadline for payment is 30 days from the date when the district administration that handles the case will receive all the necessary documents. If it is in the horseshoe, OSSZ employees will pay enough for two or two salaries as standard, within about 10 working days.

In the event of a sharp increase in incapacity for work, especially during the chip epidemic, the processing time of the yard may be extended, but it must not take 30 days. Documents with missing or incorrectly filled data can also cause delays. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to it, especially for example the first and legible statement.

to pay for sick pay, but pensions have not yet arrived. How to proceed mm?
It is possible to call the SSZ Call Center and call the telephone number 840 40 60 40 to ask where the error occurred. Workers have the opportunity to look into the database and can provide basic information: in the event of a breach, it has occurred at what stage the door is processed and whether the case is a pension on the road. In difficult cases, it is good to contact the district administration staff directly.

For example, it is often a mistake that an employee fails to incapacitate an employer, but then places it at the center of the social security office, who then has to send it to the appropriate district office. Payment of pensions is darkened health.

I am working on an agreement on employment, according to the contract, each month receives three thousand crowns gross. When do I get sick, mm required for sick leave?
If you clearly stipulate in the contract that you earn three thousand crowns for each month, the right to sickness benefits will arise. Often, however, agreements on employment are concluded in such a way that they are not guaranteed at least two thousand months of income. Then it is a small employment and participation in the insurance will arise only in the month when the employee reaches an agreement on employment to earn at least two thousand crowns. If such a worker becomes ill in a month when he has earned less than two thousand, he will not be entitled to two, because he is not insured in this month and he does not pay insurance for social security from his income.

My employment ended on January 31, 2011, but on Wednesday, January 26, I fell ill and the doctor exposed me to incapacity for work. Mm nrok on sick leave and how to proceed?
Incapacity for work arose during the period of permanent employment. If the disease lasts for less than a week, from day 22 onwards, there will be no sick leave. As for the payment of wages from the employer, you will not receive a pension for the first working days, from the 4th day you are entitled to the payment of wages, but only until the end of employment. If you worked Monday and October on a regular five-day week, you will only be entitled to a wage payment for Monday, January 31, 2011.

On January 31, 2011, my deadline ended, I had a new job, and on November 7, 2011, I went on a pending operation. According to lkae, I will be sick for three weeks. Mm sick for sick leave and where to deliver disability?
After graduation, you are employed in a protection period, which usually lasts seven calendar days. If you are incapacitated for work from 7 November 2011, the right to sickness will arise from the 22nd calendar day, ie from 28 February. The incapacity must be handed over to the former employer. The sickness benefit will be based on the number or election, depending on which option you choose.

It happened to me once, I’m incapacitated. What about sickness courts in this case?
Even if it is a job once, the procedure is the same as for any other incapacity for work and it is the same in the case of OSSZ. Compensation for loss due to the loss incurred by you must be submitted to the employer or insurance company, where the employer is legally liable for the case of one-time employee.

Who should drink during my illness to check if I follow the live regime?
In the first 21 days you will be happy to check with the employer’s staff. The employer submits me to the district administration of the social security for the control of his employee, which the employer often uses. Therefore, the OSSZ employee can also take a check, both in the first 21 days of incapacity for work and in the following days, if the incapacity lasts.

The inspector didn’t call me, I slept and didn’t hear the bell, how to proceed so that I wouldn’t fight for the sick leave?
If the inspection was performed by the OSSZ, leave a note in the mailing list of the performed inspection with the contact. In such a case, it is good to contact the district administration as soon as possible and state the reason why the inspection did not reach you. Each case is assessed individually. For violating the regime, my sickness benefit may be shortened or even postponed by what happened in 2010 to more than the thousand insured persons. (all in the line: Marodi, look for the bell and the peppers. Otherwise there will be a significant punishment)

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