How to get back from work to your home office? It needs a fix

A coronavirus pandemic has changed many working lives. Thousands of people have learned what it’s like to work from home. Now start bringing it back into live operation. Going from home to the office may not be easy. If you want to get ready, work experts.

Svt is returning to normal. At least the worker. From home offices, people are starting to move back to the coaches, sales departments, and the operation. We think that quarantine is not allowed, and therefore the return to the office should not be a big eye, to Jaroslav tpn from

Pesto nco will jin. You and your colleagues after a break of several weeks. dn hugs, dn laughs, only those under cover. This will be strictly hygienic and the obligation to wear handkerchiefs. That has not changed yet and the obligation will continue to apply. Thus, it will be necessary to strike at work reasonable distances, and thus companies will have to implement measures that can do so, notes Jitka Soukov from the staff of Grafton Recruitment.

In the field of business services alone, 95 percent of the total number of 120,000 employees moved from home to work. Return to the office to fill the center gradually, in fzch.

Many workers will stop going to work from home for some time, mainly about the birth of a colic and according to the risks of the group, such as a person with a health problem. The centers will focus on regular disinfection of offices, toilets, kitchens and have shared facilities equipped with hand disinfection and fill and deploy employees so that there is a distance between them, provided Jonathan Appleton, director of the ABSL association, who covers business services centers.

The biggest work bag will have to make the hunter laugh at you. Tune in from home mode to that office.

Preparation after such times is really important. Let’s not get used to n. It is important to get used to the regular regime and organization of the day, so that we get as close as possible to the realities of the working day and it was not a big mess for us, to Martin Jandekov, a MgC Group educator and therapist.

What does the first working day look like in such a long time? Twenty-three years old Veronika had him right away, she didn’t set him up for work at home. I’m not dn rann pte, I also called and after nine. From May 11, I had to be in the office again at eight, to a young ethn, who travels from Beclavsko to Brno for work for almost an hour.

Get up and work

Sweat at the stop with a slow start, under the salary that it is better to have many wheels and meet them, not more wheels not fulfilled. After a long drop of nm bn reim prce, it seems to hectick. Stage two a few days before entering the work area, although this may not be necessary at the time you lock the booth. You can also do your best if you have calmed down so far, but the main thing is to set yourself mentally in work mode, explains teacher and therapist Olga Medlkov.

What’s up? Try to connect with colleagues who will return to work with you, and talk to them about their feelings and tune in to the work team in which you will last for most of the day, offered by therapist Martina Jandekov.

If you haven’t been employed for a long time, you can do some mental training at home, Richard Jisl, a physiotherapist. Athletes like to spin in your imagination: Go through all the activities you are likely to have in your job and imagine how you do them. Let’s get in the mood. So it’s a good idea to make a list of what you are busy with, and from what you are not interested in, take out anything you can change to the director of the Healthy-life center.

The main thing

The longest time is to think about what you will ever give a few days before a sharp start. Prepare for a regimen for the first two weeks and you will start to get more rest in it. It will happen that after starting the work mode you will be tired for the first few days.

It is also beneficial for you to write a list of positives and controversy in the physical, mental and emon pages, and then try to find something positive for each issue, Richard Jisl.

Make sure you know in advance how they will be woven so that you are not surprised on the first day of work. Try to prepare for a short period of employment five minutes, which will be used for stretching and agitation, even if you are overwhelmed by locked work. Look for opportunities to send light and vitamins to the light and prepare a healthy snack for work, encourages the physiotherapist.

For professions where work is done from home, he will be involved in the classic operation with a daily presence at work slowly. This is also due to the fact that children still do not go to school and it will not change until May 25. Until then, the teaching will still be on the side of the parents. Therefore, it is to be expected that the births of minors will still be able to choose between working from home and being in the office, me Jitka Soukov from Grafton Recruitment. And first of all, there are many activities and situations that you have in your work and that you read about, reminds Martin Jandekov from MgC Group.

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