How to get a health-insured student so that the executor does not sleep

The holidays and a lot of students, especially graduates of bachelor’s fields, face the problem: Until when will the health insurance company pay the price and when will this obligation pass to them?

The easiest way is for students who enrolled in a follow-up master’s degree in July. You don’t have to worry about paying for health insurance.

“In the event that the next study starts no later than three calendar months from the end of the previous stage, it is a systematic preparation for the future high school permit according to paragraph 14 paragraph 2c will end the current social support and pay for it still pay,” explains Jana Vtkov, partner in the consulting company TPA Horwath.

When they don’t take the money, you will have to pay for the insurance yourself

On some wheels there are bag pijmac tests and during August, what then? If vs vs, you don’t have to give anything.

“If you do not take the bag, you will have to pay health insurance for August in the amount of 1,148 crowns yourself,” says Jana Vtkov, who explains that even for graduates of higher rounds they are paid only in the calendar month in which they graduated, or go in the following calendar month, if the graduate does not perform the performed activity throughout the month.

Is it possible to avoid the payment? ”If the results and if the actual situation is at its worst and the graduate will not be admitted to the next study, he should report to a series of work no later than the last working day in August and report this fact to his health insurance company. Therefore, it will be in the records of the work for August for the city and will not pay for health insurance, ”advises Jana Vtkov.

Problmy se nevyhbaj ani stedokolkm

The fact that the unpaid health insurance company reaches the executor is proved by a story published by the General Health Insurance Company. Mr.

“I do not understand, as it is possible, always for students pay the furnace of the insurance wheel. What can I do when it is obviously a mistake? ” pt se.

“For a central student, as for a dependent child, the salary of the insurance company, not the bicycle. And the fact that the student should be included in the category of sttnch pojitn, seale has to find out somehow, ”answers VZP Oldich Tich and adds:“ Students usually rely on the fact that they will perform mass rounds for them (the vast majority ). However, there must be a reporting obligation on the insured. ”

Co m student udlat?

  • The obligation of the student to notify his health insurance company that he has started studying, or to check whether this announcement was made by the rounds.
  • If it finds out that the wheels did not perform mowing or performed it incorrectly (for example, another connection), the notified operation must be reported.
  • When you pay the insurance payment, you should at least respond immediately when a call comes from the insurance company (before each execution of debts, you receive the so-called execution title, ie a payment order or a default order against which I can file an appeal or objection).
  • If you do not have a problem at all in the belief that it is a mistake, because “the furnace for the students of the castle of the safety wheel”, I have to end up with the executor.
  • The insurance company may impose a fine of up to CZK 10,000 for non-compliance with the notification obligation. Insurance for all of these will not be paid, because the number of insurers for which the payer is paid is where the notices are notified to the Ministry of Finance. If the policyholder is not registered, the insurance premium is not paid for it, and any correction is only possible for a month.

What to do in the case, the eu is found execution

  • When you get into a similar situation, metepodatnvrh to stop execution according to 55 exekunho du.This proposal can be filed within 15 days. The proposal for a stopped bag can also be submitted for the first time, ie the insurance company, at any time during the execution of the woman. So you can file a petition to stop the execution or try to agree with the insurance company, whether so uin itself.
  • If it proves that you were demonstrably in the given period by a student of the middle round, the residents should not be personally in debt for non-payment of health insurance. This means that the execution should be stopped for its inadmissibility.

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