How to choose a bank and bn et

The two will not be permanently beaten to the bank, go visit one of their branches. Understand whether the bank’s employees are willing and able to advise clients without having to ask for any details themselves.

Try to be tirelessly informed about what the bank would offer you if you worked. Ask relatives, acquaintances or colleagues where they should be and if they are satisfied with their bank.

Zjistte si poet ATM
If you often withdraw cash with a card, you need the bank to have a lot of ATMs in the cities where you move most often. Find out how much the bank charges for withdrawals from its own and foreign ATMs, or whether to offer, for which several withdrawals from ATMs are free.

Take care of availability and opening hours
You must always go to the branch, for example pick up a payment card. Choose a bank near you to live and work, its opening hours do not coincide with your working hours, so that you do not have to take time off due to your bank.

Ask for fees
Find out how you will use the services regularly and choose the bank that offers you the best price-performance ratio. Find out your deposit, although it is minimal for normal.

Test your electronic banking
Find out how electronic banking is offered by the bank, whether it is safe and easy to manage. Last but not least, of course, how much does it cost. You can find internet banking tests, for example, at

Check the truth of your ad
Not all information will fit in the ad. In addition, a suitable offer and the service that the advertisement promotes is often subject to conditions (these are the small letters that appear at the end of the spot or at the end of the advertising squadron). Therefore, find out in time what exactly needs to be met in order to get the advertised services.

Get acquainted with the offer of payment cards
An electronic payment card (most often VISA Electron or Maestro) is now common here. If you want a better card, for example embossed (the information about the owner and the number of the card is printed above the surface and it is possible to pay, for example, when buying via the Internet), wonder what and for how much the bank will offer.

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