How to achieve your goal abroad? Pizpsobte se

A foreign trip can be a big hurry, but on the contrary also an international fiasco. How to follow the rules and avoid it in a foreign country in order to avoid faux-paux?

Knowledge of social performance is not only important in employment and personal relationships, but also on business or private trips abroad. Because today we travel not only often, but so to different exotic countries, it is good to know the local customs and mentality of these nations. There are plenty of market books on the market, for example, to help you look at and get to know the cultures of the world.

By following these customs, we will reveal not only our cultural maturity, but the way we take care of our host. We sometimes sometimes seem to be keovit, as if we were not sure of ourselves. Therefore, in order to be pleasantly honored in other countries, it is good to be open, friendly and natural. Of course in the urit mry. Therefore, let us make sure that we can find the right boundaries.

How much language does…

In order to be able to complete these trips abroad in a hurry, it is absolutely necessary to know foreign languages. Thanks to us, we have the opportunity to act as equal business partners, professionals and we should not be fooled or confused just a wall of information. Thus, during various social gatherings, we can converse fluently and establish other relationships, according to our business changes.

Let us most often encounter another kind of greeting, not under the hand, ie obese, clone, clasped hands. So personal sounds are different. For a European, the distance between the partners in greeting, but also in conversation, unlike in the Arab or Asian world, is a matter of course.

It is important for us to respect and adhere to their rituals. Our rules of social performance are at the bottom of various traditions. In Asian or Islamic countries, it is based on local nations. What is allowed in our country – for example, times skirts and races, is completely unthinkable elsewhere and did not double.

It tells us a lot about how we are dressed, in what hotel and in what city district we are a hostel. So we represent ourselves, the company or our team not only in our breeding.

how much do you take abroad with you?

Yin end, yin ant

We should know how to choose the type of clothing, accessories, perfume and perk for a certain social or work complexity. It happens that we will be invited to a prestigious celebration, a concert, to the theater, so we must not forget a quality evening suit suitable for a certain size. I should find out by which means of transport to come to the meeting or ceremonial meeting, or whether it is appropriate to bring the wife of the host of the dragon (including glass, flowers or a book on the ground, the city). Dleit is thus the knowledge of road traffic in the country where we are going. We should find out how and where the two tips can be paid, when to pay cash or, conversely, only by credit card.

We dream of drinking you at any meeting, with a maximum of fifteen minutes at the bottom. If we are unable to come for any reason, we must apologize to the host. Our conversation should be pleasant, we should listen more and ask, not talk about ourselves. If any or all of these people become faux-paux, we try not to comment on them or pay attention to them. We should never forget to invite our host again.

When it comes to dining, we would deprive ourselves of more experience if we rejected their national foods. In case we really can’t consume it, it is possible to shake or push it away without or with an inconspicuous apology. When drinking local alcoholic beverages, we should be careful not only not to get drunk, but also because he does not know how our body will react to them.

In order to achieve not only personal but also work chances, we dream of being miles, friends, diplomats, adaptable, smiling, accommodating, tolerant and open not only to other models, but also to culture.

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