How much does it cost to find a contact for a relative and how to get a contact

I need to clarify property relationships in families, but I do not have contact with St. Relatives. How can I find out the address of a relative when I know her name and date of birth? Drahoslav Peinkov from the Department of Administrative Activities and Population Registration answered the questions.

Is it official to file a supervised contact?
The case 8b of the Act on Population Registration can be applied to the mentioned case. According to him, citizens of the Czech Republic who are looking for another person – a Czech citizen – may seek contact.

How to proceed and who to turn to?
It is necessary to submit a written writing containing as much information as possible, according to which it would be possible to identify the contacted person. It is quite possible to fill in and submit the form at any municipal or regional council or at the Ministry of the Interior. The signature on the fair must be edn oven. This does not apply if the citizen asks for mediation of contact in person and proves his or her integrity in front of the employee. will be carried out by the Ministry of the Interior in the available records. If the hunter finds him, he will give him information about contacting people. Bad then only on nm, whether to contact the darker who is looking for him.

Is there a fee for you?
The right fee for receiving a lot of contact is 500 crowns. If the hunter you are looking for cannot be found or does not contact the contact person, the first fee will not be refunded.

And is it possible to find out beforehand whether the driver is driving?
Yes, this can be found in the information system of population registration. Information can be obtained here about a person close (father, mother, grandparent, sibling, child, grandson, husband or partner).

Where is it enough to give you and how much does it cost?
It is enough to submit it in person to the municipal council, the regional council or the Ministry of the Interior and through the contact point of the public administration. it must be provided with a single signature, which is not required if the hunter signs the document before the receipt. It is possible to submit them electronically (with a guaranteed electronic signature) or via a data sheet. In this case, a fee of 50 crowns is paid for each embedded page.

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