How much do you get for a destroyed car? We dissected a hail

A few days ago, many owners of these cars opened up to hail. Pensions from the insurance company are far from covering the cost of repairs. If they decide to write off the car in full, they also have a double insurance premium. Pojiovny will be able to sell the wreck at auction.

In mid-August, hail rushed over Prague for hours. According to the estimates of the connected, the real estate and the car left the codes for roughly two billion crowns in the form of ponies. Most owners of damaged cars with a closed accident insurance company believed that their insurance was paid in full by the insurance company. In many cases, they have learned that this will not be the case.

From the response of those who turned to the editorial staff with their experience, we learned that they had often heard from the liquidators, and with a great deal they did not hide and even said that they would get nothing.

The car met the state of the game and was completely carried away

In the event of a damaged vehicle, the insurance company distinguishes between the total and partial code and will also calculate the insurance benefit accordingly. The type of code is decided by the liquidator of the insurance event, who assesses the overall scope of the code. Based on his decision, the insurance company will either pay the pension needed to repair the car, or determine the total amount for the total code. In both cases, they always fulfill the client’s participation.

Based on authentic insurance claims, we prepared two model deposits for both types of codes and provided the insurance companies with an estimate of the insurance indemnity for car codes caused by hail. The aim was not to compare the indemnity and determine which insurance “d vc”, but to explain the methodology of the code, respectively. insurance events.

Of the addressees connected only two, esk pojiovna and Generali, “ly do do” and orientan prices sent. The others refused to go to the insurance claim without inspecting the described vehicles.

“Unfortunately, it is not possible to send out the insurance indemnity precisely, because you have to look at it, ‘scan it’ in detail and only then perform the calculation. Even during the repair, the final price may deviate a bit, because, for example, it will be found that some of the damaged cannot be repaired by the filled method, ”explains Eva Svobodov from Uniqa pojiovny.

Car for depreciation, costs for repairs 100 thousand crowns

Fifteen years of old, hail damaged the complete hood and roof of the twelve-year-old Nissan Micra, the rearview mirror and the right rear light. “The liquidator estimated the cost of the repair in the amount of one hundred thousand crowns and stated that it was a total code,” said the owner of the car.

esk pojiovna (P) and Generali sent the current price of Alena’s car to the base of the given data. Usually the price of the vehicle on the date of origin of the code is according to P and according to the price of Taxexpert 55 thousand crowns, according to Generali 45 thousand. Due to the fact that the liquidator estimated the cost of repair knows the usual price of the vehicle, they decided to fill in the form of a total code.

The insurance indemnity is provided as the difference between the usual price of the vehicle on the date of origin of the code and the usual price of the rest of the vehicle, ie the price at which it is possible to sell the vehicle in a damaged condition.

a pod P: The insurance company for determining the prices of usable remnants will use the bid of the electronic auction according to the AudaSalvage total codes. For Nissan Micra, prices are around 40 – 50 percent of the usual price of a vehicle before damage, ie about 25 thousand crowns.

In this case, the full amount would be about 25 thousand crowns. So 55 thousand crowns minus 25 thousand crowns minus 5 thousand crowns (co-participation).

Since it is a total financial code, not technical (physical), it is up to the client whether the car repairs or will be damaged according to the damage. Therefore, she also proposed a second option, in addition to the insurance payment of 25 thousand crowns, which the owner will receive, the usable remnants (wreck) can be sold through the AudaSalvage valuation auction. For him, she would get another 25 thousand, a total of 50 thousand crowns.

according to Generali: The insurance company estimates the usual price of usable balances at 13 thousand crowns. After deducting the co-payment, the owner could expect an insurance benefit of more than 26 thousand.

Generali also offers the client contact to the buyer who cared in the e-auction for the price of usable leftovers of the otter. The owner could thus get another 13 thousand crowns in addition to the insurance indemnity.

The owner of Nissan did not hide a disappointment after we forwarded the orientation of the insurance coverage of both insurance companies. Potala with a lot of you. “I thought I’d get as much as I had for accident insurance,” she complained.

Repair costs: 30 and 50 thousand crowns

Thirty-year-old Jan can hail a completely damaged hood and roof. “The hail made me a dozen strokes in the stee, another fifteen on the hood, according to two two there is always one stitch and a black back salary over two two of them,” Jan described the code on his car.

According to the price, both insurance companies determined the price of the vehicle as of the date of origin of the code, P to 112 thousand crowns, Generali to about 120 thousand crowns. koda nen totln, Jan’s car suffered a wall damage.

a pod P: In the event that the repair of the vehicle will be performed by the classic repair technology without the replacement of sheet metal lengths, the repair costs will be approximately 30 thousand crowns. Two thousandths of the client’s share will be deducted from this contact. The insurance company thus pays the client an insurance benefit in the amount of 28 thousand crowns.

according to Generali: If the roof of the damaged car is replaced with a roof and front hood, according to which two doors will be repaired and two of the two paint shops will be paid with non-metallic paint, the insurance company estimates the repair price at approximately 50 thousand crowns. Opt it is necessary to leave a two-thousandth co-participation of the client.

Dv varianty a kody

If it is not a total code, the client has the opportunity to choose the method of determining the insurance benefit, either on the basis of submitting an invoice for repair, or the so-called budget for repair, which was sent by the liquidator of the insurance claim. The method is always part of the insurance contract.

“If the client agrees with the insurance company on a single code, he will receive from the insurance company that was sent by the insurance. From the insurance company’s point of view, this is the liquidation of insurance events, ”explains Ji Cvka.

In the case of a repair on an invoice, the insurance company will check the extent of the invoiced repair with the extent of the damaged vehicle and the contractual agreement in the insurance contract. “If the invoice is in accordance with the insurance contract and expert prices for the price of labor and paid debts, the insurance indemnity will be paid according to the invoice with the deduction of co-payments,” Koutsk specified.

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