How many pensions to take with you on holiday abroad

Going on vacation and don’t know how many pensions you need? We have prepared an overview of prices in the ten most popular countries.

Since last year, the prices of food and services in the countries where they travel most often have not changed significantly. If you are in one city, take yours, but if you are going to the land for the first time, it may be a problem to estimate how many pensions you will need. You can easily find out the approximate prices of basic foods, fruits, vegetables and how much it costs a lot or ice cream by looking at our overview.

For an overview of the prices of staple foods, petrol, cigarettes and other items, click on the country name:
Turkey, Slovakia, Tunisia, Austria, Greece, Egypt, Croatia, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain.

Where to buy the cheapest
If you do not want to grind over each ice cream, choose a cheaper country such as Bulgaria or Tunisia. If you want to spend your holiday otherwise not sunny by the sea, financially non-stop stay in Romania. You can buy purchases in discount stores or supermarkets. They are 10 and 20 percent cheaper than no shops, sometimes not even three.

If you have time, go around a few shops before buying it. A lot of bad things about how it is around the competition. Or on how far the store is from the ple or the center of the resort. m dl, tm m pznivj prices. For example, on the Croatian Pag, the supermarket, on the other hand, is one of the most expensive stores, confirms Ale Kov, who kadoron takes his vacation there. This is because there is only one, and so it is true that the islands are still on the mainland. Otherwise, prices in Croatia are similar to dark Czech.

You can also find an offer of discounts on the Internet, for example, the company Studenac has branches all over the Adriatic, recommends Antun Plenk, the director of the Croatian Tourist Board. Search at Likewise, it does not pay to bring food to Italy, unmarked food is even cheaper than in our country. The exceptions are mill products and meat. These are 50 and 100 percent more expensive in Italy than in Czech, points out a representative of CK Cical.

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If you are going to go around cultural monuments or go on flights abroad, you will not forget to take these expenses into account in the budget for your holiday. If you are traveling with a traveler, the easiest way to find out the prices is directly from its delegate. If you go abroad on your own, the internet is a good help. Find out here not only most of the necessary information, but in discussions, for example on the ORBION portal. CZ (, you can ask the experienced traveler exactly what he is interested in.

Take extra pensions
You can exchange your pension either before departure, or in one of the service instructions or the bank in your place of residence. Avoid shifts on the street, you risk losing all pensions instead of those who spend the crowns. In some countries it is not possible to change the Czech crown, for example in Tunisia or Egypt, take the euro with you. In addition, Tunisian dinars must not be removed from the ground, you must either change them back or spend them, otherwise they will be entertained.

Although you will not have in mind the budget for the holiday pekroit, some pension in stock have at least on the credit card. Pay by card is paid abroad. As in the Czech Republic, transactions are free and some banks also use a suitable exchange rate to convert the exchange rate.

In advance, find out if card payments are in the locations you are going to, mon. If you are outside the tourist resorts and cities, I can do not do without cash. For small trips on the road always, and on the ground, water or a fee for the use of toilets.

you only get a pension

Free from abroad discount
If you want to use a mobile phone abroad, ask your operator for conditions and prices. For a minute free, for example from Croatia to the Czech Republic, currently pay from 30 to 42 crowns, depending on which operator you have. At O2 and Vodafone, for uette calls, when you are abroad, you will use a partner from your operator.

In the capital of Croatia, a minute free VIPnet is 8 crowns cheaper. For the O2 bag, you must have an active O2 Travel package for 11.90 K msn and a tariff, not a prepaid card. If you are going on vacation and at the end of the summer, you can go for a price call. The European Union has agreed on prices for free mobile phones abroad.

This week, the European Parliament will discuss it, about 14 days later, it should be approved by our government, and the parliament and operas will then receive about a month to draw up new tariffs.

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