How do you want input?

The return on investment is very important, incl. Especially in the case if we want to invest for a long time. Find the type of input that will suit you best. At the same time, look at the risks.

I don’t need to invest a hundred times when I don’t lose my pension

You can only keep the pensions you have issued and it is not up to you to decide if they will earn anything. Most of all, you need him not to drink. All you have to do is deposit them on a term deposit or just on bank counter at the bank. You pay attention to the fact that the deposit is safe and that our bank does not go bankrupt. Then finish a small year.

It is not an investment in the true sense of the word. It is just a saved pension, which you do not earn, but prolong. If you want to opt for this variant of saved pension, then take that your pension is longer. You have to pay tax from the received year, also the received income is less than how much is stated in the bank’s offer. What pin the extension is in fl ace. It devalues ​​our pensions. Even though you and you are here every year, this is less and less a purchase service.

It is possible to meet term deposits and eliminate investments

We want to invest with the aim of protecting our own pensions before the event. We have issued pensions and we will buy something for them and we assume that the investment will reduce their value. Therefore, let’s look for such an investment, which at least keeps the purchase services.

We are used to term deposits, when we put our pensions in the bank and get it in n year. Not very interesting during the year. Let’s look for something that could be something more interesting and where the inputs will be about something. We need the inputs to be sure. Similar to certain deposits for a term deposit. We want us to receive some reward for saving our pensions.

For such investors, the following investment is suitable, which pin
sure and stable input.

The income of this fund in individual years was as follows:

Table . 1

Money market fund income (Sporoinvest) in individual years.

Graf . 1
Development of the value of the money market fund Sporoinvest) in the period of 6 years.


The input is stable and regular. The investment is constantly growing, it has never collapsed. The input is relatively low, but reliable.

We want an interesting profit – to make money

We want to try to achieve a return even at a price that returns will not be so stable and reliable, and we are willing to admit that in the short term, the value of the investment may decrease. We want to make a difference. We want to achieve such an input that the pension is valued even after the start of the investment and we could buy more for it not at the time of their deposit.

We want to significantly exceed the yields on term deposits and we want to get closer to the world of investment, where we will achieve returns, but we have to deal with the fact that we do not have to achieve them. In the long run, the property will be valued and it will pay that “pension is pension”. For this type of investment, throw the slogan: “I don’t have to pretend, when it’s dripping”.

Graf . 2
Development of the value of the bond fund (Sporobond) in the period of 6 years.


The value of the investment is growing. Irregular and slight cols. “Waves” appear on the chart, when the value of the investment suddenly decreases. The decline is only small and short-lived. settle down again. A total of about 35% was spent in 6 years, but we find a period when we ended up at zero in a year.

Inputs in individual years were as follows:

Table . 2
Deposits of the bond fund (Sporobond) in individual years.

The graph and table show the difference between these inputs and the inputs in the previous chapter: These inputs are you, but they are not so regular. They are similar to when they are low. As if the value of the investment stopped at some point and the short-term even decreased. From mid-2003 to mid-2004, nothing seemed to be happening.

The conservative and “sure” money market fund in the previous chapter yielded about 20% in 6 years. The somewhat risky bond fund yielded 35% over the same period.

In the following we will learn how to proceed when we want above-average profit and maximum profit.

ryvek from the book: Investovn pro zatenky

Length 1: Basic question: for I want to invest


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