How banks provide internet banking

Experts claim that there is no risk-free electronic banking – you can only maximize its protection. A new user, or technically proficient from internet banking, will have a secure but so user-friendly application that he will be able to control without any problems.

Ways to secure Internet applications are different. The good first thing is that from now on in standard internet banking, Czech banks will not be able to carry out an active transaction (such as a castle order) only with the help of a permanent username and password, which are expertly interpreted by a thorn in the eye.

The last to maintain the passwords were esk spoitelna (up to 20,000) and Citibank. From esk spoitelny, all clients need all SMS clients sent to their mobile phones for no active transactions since the arrest, and Citibank will use an authenticated key from November.

With static passwords, you can get it to the simplified internet banking of GE Money Bank (Internetbanka Genius, maximum in the amount of 10 thousand crowns) and Komern banka (Expresn linka Plus – access to the Internet with limited functions, it works as a “supplement” to telebanking).

Certificates versus SMS when

The method of protection at Czech banks is the so-called personal certificate in a file, which generates an electronic signature and is a secure password. It may be required when entering the application, or only for transaction authorization. Offer it to your clients BAWAG Bank CZ, Volksbank and WSPK. The last of the named banks will offer its improved variant – a certificate stored on a USB token. This device is used to store and manage door data, such as digital certificates and private and public keys, in secure loicks. It is important for them that the private key does not abandon the tax and should not be abused. Of course, you are not free.

Other banks that use signing certificates usually provide a variant of protection – usually one-time when sent to a mobile phone (GE Money Bank, Raiffeisenbank), or one-time when the client receives the sweat into their own hands (ivnostensk banka). In addition, ivnobanka can store the certificate on an IP card as well as a USB token.

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Above-standard security with the help of a certificate on IP cards according to the offers of SOB, S and Komern banka. The latter bank had a special feature – to sign the first active transaction after logging into the application, you need not only a certificate, but also an SMS sent to your mobile phone. The high level of security when using a certificate on an IP card is that your data never leaves the IP card or can be played on the card elsewhere. The card is “password-protected” with the help of a PIN, without which it cannot be tied – it is thus protected against misuse by an unauthorized person in case of e.g. lost or krdee.

Once sent to a mobile phone, they are still popular in the Czech Republic – in addition to clients of various banks (esk spoitelna, GE Money Bank, Raiffeisenbank, in combination with the Komern banka certificate), clients of SOB and Potovn spoitelny are also used to sign active transactions.

Secure delivery SMS was chosen as the standard by eBanka – the SMS is sent when logged into the application for transaction confirmation and is protected by BPIN. Umonn sends an SMS when it is about to go this year, SOB, which, in the case of ownership of the SOB Mobil 24 service, offers its clients, as eBanka, the first to send an SMS by encrypted SMS first. According to them, eBanka can protect with the help of one-time passwords generated by a PIN calculator and an Internet key that works as a digital signature.

It was changed once when it was sent by the bank to Oberbank. The client uses one of a set of fifty kd for each transaction, which is immediately canceled.

PIN Calculator is offered by HVB Bank as a standard internet banking security – for access to the application and for confirmation transactions. As we changed it, it will soon be followed by Citibank.

An interesting novelty is being prepared by BAWAG Bank CZ – it wants to provide clients with secure internet banking with the help of a certificate stored on the ipu payment card.

Strengthen security and give elements

Of course, there are other elements to help prevent a possible account theft through the web. These include, for example, the possibility of setting a limit for transactions, discarded from the application in case of inactivity, by the bank resp. The application forces the change of the password and the blocking of access to it in case of repeated no incorrect data.

Banks offer the opportunity to send an SMS about it – e.g. always when logging into internet banking and when making a transfer. That, of course, will help me. It is important for you to find out about the fee for these first, so that your control over you is not too expensive.

Evaluated safety in the test

The security for us was tested and according to the standard security of the bank in the test sat the server with the following comment:

This year’s test shows that banks mind with securing their online product still outward. In addition, some of them offer advice on how to behave when accessing your internet and how to protect your sweat.

The bank has been found this year as well, and it is well below the others. This is about Citibance, which intended to stick around from mid-June and add to its security features the ability to use a PIN calculator and the ability to change the login details.

However, a third of all banks do not boast a certificate for signing and encrypting any event, which is one of the best security features. Jet mn bank then offer a certificate on the ip card and USB Token. If banks offer such better security for a fee, it pays to invest in it.

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