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Getting into trouble with mortgage fulfillment is very easy. Some of the illnesses and dismissals from labor and pensions are not set aside for installments. This situation also met Petra and Marek, who once again complicated the fulfillment of the heat for the apartment.

A young family bought a new apartment for a mortgage two years ago. Each month, their budget cost 11 thousand crowns in installments. They managed Splcen and until the late summer, when Marek broke his leg in a complicated way. This was followed by several operations, rehabilitation and especially long-term incapacity for work, which Marek did not complete.

Unfortunately, they did not have the necessary amount left for the mortgage payments. However, they started your problems with the bank. She gave them an appointment and agreed with them on a dream.

Postpone splcen mete and for a year

Thus, young people could file for the payment of Peru or the postponement of payments, only in their case, it would not have to solve a bad financial situation in the long run. If the bank satisfies the client in the deferred payment, it is only for a limited period of several msc, a maximum of one year.

Don’t think that you will have room for peace during this time. The vast majority of banks will require a completed year, you will have only deferred the principal. In the budget, it will still be covered by regular contact.

Once the period of deferred payment ends, you will have to agree with the bank on how to repay the debt. Either distribute the deferred principal into the remaining installments, or agree on an extended maturity of the mortgage.

Snen msnch spltek extended splcen mortgages

You can also solve your insolvency by reducing your installments. How much the payment is for is up to individual agreement between the bank and the client. “If we agree with the client on the reduction of our installments, the maximum possibility of the reduction is such that the client does not meet the principal, but the castle for years,” explains Pavla Hvov from SOB.

If you decide to save the installment, you have to choose again how to sell out later with a long term. Most clients choose to extend the maturity of the installment with permanent installments. Alternatively, you can only dream for a certain period of time. It ranges from six MSc (eg Equa bank and UniCredit Bank) and for one year (eg GE Money Bank) for the entire fixation period (Volksbank).

Postponement of mortgage installments and redemption of other installments is considered a change in the contracts, the so-called amendment to the contracts. And you have to pay for it according to the bank’s tariff. Banks collect fees in the breath of hundreds and thousands of crowns. Volksbank from everything we cut out and ten thousand crowns.

Banka nevyjde vstc cadmium

If you get into trouble with mortgage fulfillment, it is really important that you communicate with you and the bank immediately. If you wait, and vs the bank itself will contact, for do not pay, it is on put the agreement late.

Even so, it may happen that you do not agree on a postponement or a dream. Banks are dealing with the problematic situation individually, and if they feel that the postponement of the installments does not increase the financial situation and will lead to the postponement of the problem by several months, he did not allow the intended action. The main reason for the postponement and reduction of the installment is the loss of employment and the disease lasting the month and according to.

In the case of a reduced installment – the extended fulfillment of the mortgage is thus taken into account by the client and the maturity limit of the mortgage. For example, Volksbank will extend the maturity of the mortgage by a maximum of five years, even up to 70 years of age. At Komern banka, the total length may not exceed 30 years from the date of signing the contract. At Equa bank, it’s 35 years old.

Think of any problems with fulfillment

Banks encourage clients to think about possible problems with the fulfillment before signing the level of the contract. The temporary loss of income and the consequent insolvency of a long-term illness as well as the loss of employees can increase the insurance company’s ability to meet. If you arrange them, pojiovny vm relief from installments and for 12 msc.

Dalm eenm, which washes the bank’s clients in trouble with fulfillment, is a possibility to join the person – mostly the family member – to debt. He will help me with fulfillment.

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