Home office to appeal! After a few days, the bag will not be able to handle it

The coroner drove thousands of employees to work at home. Ne kad home office dobe sn. How to set the first mode so that the hunter does not laze or does not work from morning to evening?

Hard to go, that’s it, about here b. Home office, ie work from home, not for anyone. They are a people who do not allow the freedom it gives them. The day is divided into working and non-working time and they can work in this week all week without meeting colleagues, joint meetings and other.

My productivity at home has not fallen. If you work, you work. If you have fun, have fun. For more work from home, you need enough discipline. If the hunter doesn’t have it, it’s the result of the work, me Pemysl Luke from Der Kurier.

And the first of these reasons is for many other home offices as punishment. They can’t get out of the comfort of the house to the working pace, but they are constantly being dragged away from work for the company. Personally, working from home does not suit me. I don’t have a dedicated study, so there are several disturbing elements popping up on the table, the unmounted shelf is explained by David Buchta from Primulus.

Working hours are thus noticeably extended to the whole day, and when the addition of the control of the supervisor is added to it, there is not much to lose.

The condition of the home office is that the employee must be sure of the employee’s honesty so that he does not have to constantly check it. However, the manager has the problem of relinquishing control over his employees, especially if he determines the errors of self-discipline, to Marcela Vyskokov from the staff of the ACjobs agency.

Due to this experience, many companies vh and at first they prefer to test the new one, rather than give them their home. We have a home office with our employees individually, as a company, we pay a lot of attention to productivity and efficiency, and from that onwards to Jan Skovajsa from the myTimi startup.

However, the threat of a coronavirus pandemic in accelerated. Hundreds of people remained in quarantine at home from day to day, and thousands of working parents with children who had their bikes were added to them just as quickly. Whoever works for me on the phone or on the phone, I know at home. And no one knows for how long.

Clarify the rules

For the main employee who comes to work, this may be a change, you do not have to pay for an early connection and the time and pensions for travel. But one day, one second, aunt, and it happens that a hunter who is not used to fulfilling his work time loses his duties.

What to do first, and what on the contrary? When to start and when to end work? Me f call even after working hours? How much time do you set aside for a family meal and is it possible to work with children to hit? There are no fixed rules for working from home, the end of work outlines them in general. So bad only on the agreement between you and the company. Therefore, first of all, just before leaving for the home office, walk with enthusiasm about what it will look like in the daily routine. When you must be available on the phone or to which thermal wheel. A lot of us work in the company for the home office, it is our goal that the hunter is always available during working hours, to Marcela Vyskokov from ACjobs.

Even if you work from home, take note that you do not have a vacation. And for a month that is now speculated, for example, on closed wheels, the company will want to see the results of your work.

It is advisable to set the mode for a while and follow it. Help repeat the same daily rituals as when you go to work. That means getting up in the usual time and not singing, taking a shower, taking off, getting wet. Calm down to home, but definitely not to stay in the pyam. It will also help you determine the exact fullness of the rounds, the activity that you have to go through during the day, so you will stick to the curriculum and in the meantime not look for, you could procrastinate, offers Vra Bureov from Naturhouse.

If you know that you will also take care of the children, agree in advance with a specific working time, when you will be available by e-mail and telephone and when, on the contrary, you will be offline.

I have an agreement with the company that I work and from lunch. In the morning I am with the children, after the grandmother comes to us and after five the manel comes, he describes his homeoffic regime for seventy years and Daniel. At will, the employer will relax me, and on the contrary tighten the workload. For example, you can just put on the bike, no matter when, but have it ready by the deadline. Or, conversely, from vs me f chtt a detailed breakdown, on em and how long you worked.

The agreed rules can be a series, for example, in case it is not enchanting, but I am excited to recall from the home office for an important meeting or after all the records of hours worked, or timesheet, something like a job order, explains Marcela Vyskokov from ACjobs.

Make your work from home your own

  • Working place
    It makes sense to create a city where you just work and do nothing else. Even if you lie down in bed with a laptop or sit at the kitchen table, do not succumb, they are places that take you away from work. It is recommended not to work in pyam, it leads to the feeling that you don’t really have to. If there is no office, it is advisable to at least remove all disturbances the day before. Bow around, offer David Buchta from Primulus.
    If you probably concentrate in a deep environment, you better work in the bedroom than in the kitchen, where the refrigerator, dishwasher and brewer.
  • as na prci
    Determine when you will work and ensure that you are not disturbed. Arrange, for example, with a neighbor that you will be looking at the child at a given time and again at another time. Give the family that no one will enter the room where you work at a certain time, offered by the lecturer and author of the e-book Olga Medlkov. Dleit is the end of the working day. Don’t sing with the doenete in the afternoon. Set a fixed regime of the day and have the goal you want to achieve, for example, read 10 pages of text, notes Michal Hotmar from RIM.cz.
  • Needed to hand
    Take all necessary materials from the work, make sure that the owl is working properly, prepare tools, drinks or snacks so that you do not lose their shame while working.
  • Working mode
    If the employer allows you to do so, choose the time when you are the most efficient according to your biorhythm, and put the biggest block of work there. Conversely, when I know that, for example, between noon and two o’clock I don’t think so, I’m going with a child for a walk to help me tune in to Olga Medlkov’s work schedule. He will organize his work for a while, so he will also write a day in the calendar, if the worker has stayed in the office on the desk, make a temporary home, look for deadlines and keep your eyes open so that you don’t have to mess with your personal life.
    Determine and adhere to daily full-time activities. Communicate with other people in the dark, at least by phone. Mail doesn’t do everything.

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