Hold on, you’re in trouble. Debt company excuses: We do not have pensions

Every company in the Czech Republic does not pay you invoices and three out of ten companies make excuses. Most often, they do not have a pension, the invoice is pedaled to be paid, or they have not received a reminder about the debt.

Doing business is easy for the oven: it wants to be afraid. If you’re going to do a great job, then you have to get used to it. It was only from this mistake that I was taken out relatively quickly. It really isn’t enough to give quality work, if someone doesn’t pay for it, to the owner of the Mollo PR agency, Tom Hejda.

We started the company fully and determinedly. The first thing was really good. We invested a pension in the company, we bought a new office. Then the bag fell apart. One of the main clients stopped paying invoices, first of all Tom Hejda.

The hunter gets used to some kind of bottom

When you make sure that it’s just a thorn in the thorn and so far there have been no problems, there is no reason not to know. We also worked debt and the debt increased. And the client’s contracts continued: from the problem of the fact that the invoices were lost somewhere along the way and we prefer to send them again, and that the invoices are paid and pensions on the way, Tom Hejda continues.

For some time, the client stopped responding fully. The reminders sent did not do anything and the debt amounted to a quarter of a million crowns, which is a lot for a small company. In the end, the problem solved for a year and ended with the cooperation and the threat of external extortion.

Only this step forced the original problem-free client to pay. Natst we don’t have just one customer and we covered the costs from other income. Since then, however, I will point out any underlining facts, adds Tom Hejda.

Nemme penze je slyet nejastji

Cases of unpaid invoices for services and goods are not unique, as well as the reluctance of companies to solve the situation. This is also confirmed by the executive of the EOS KSI collection agency, Vladimír Vachel:

According to the collection agency, each type of company contacted has a clear answer: We do not have a pension.

According to collection specialist Filip ernho from EOS KSI, this argument can also be correct: In some cases, we will find out that the invoice was paid as long as he claims. He receives proof of payment, only for example he stated the wrong variable symbol.


In other cases, the debtors defend themselves by arguing that they did not receive a reminder of unpaid, so do not have a long invoice. 15 percent of companies will use this agreement. The same percentage of companies refuse to deal with the problem with the statement that they do not currently have a time to read. Everywhere, on the other hand, the company suspends over the debt and states that such a debt does not last.

Some debtors are dissatisfied with ordinary excuses and excruciating situations. Vladimír Vachel describes an employee unnamed by the company during a telephone call with a collection specialist that they could not pay the receivables due to the support of the mailbox in which the reminder was, and adds that so often the debtors blame the forgetfulness of their colleagues.

Nothing comes out

Delayed and unpaid receivables do damage all parties to parties. Delegates often do not realize that no matter how many and how they use the contract, they will eventually have to pay the invoices.

The current legislation allows, in addition to the receivable itself, to recover from the debtor also the costs associated with its application, which, as a result, means the extra cost of the debtor in the event of a debt receivable, adds Vladimír Vachel.

When a debt is declared to be unable to pay the entire debt at once, it is possible to agree with the creditor or the collection agency on a repayment schedule and to resolve the situation quickly without further recovery of the debt.

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