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Employee benefits are not a matter of course. But many companies provide you with meal vouchers. The car, mobile phone and mobile only get a peak of manaei.

Msto zven platu auto

A laptop, a car, a stay in the spa and season tickets for the gym are mostly received by corporate spades. If you take your work in an easily replaceable position, you should probably only mention the benefits in the form of meal vouchers.

Many Czech companies still have a habit of employee benefits. “People don’t want benefits, but they pay more. Especially where the salary is below average, ”describes the experience of Pavel Hulk from Fincentrum’s employee benefits division. “But when the employer does not want to change the wage conditions, the employees should try to get some benefits – and individually or with the help of the union. It will all be cheaper then, ”he said.

Neda se? You will forget about the bonus


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It may seem unfair to some, but the benefits are especially high in companies where people pay average and above average salaries: in banks, insurance, telecommunications and credit companies. Meet them at least in colleges and hospitality.

They are companies that, first of all, because they can’t jump financially, reward employees with at least the most suitable benefits. This includes, for example, a contribution to a boarding house, supplementary pension or paid extra payment. On the other hand, some human resources in rich companies in Brno own conservatism interested in the benefits and associated financial levies. Then even the spade employees can keep the benefits here only.

According to a survey by Benefity, the best people working with them in prosperous companies with foreign participation are doing well with them. While last year employees gained a benefit of nine thousand crowns, the national average was five thousand and a thousand.

Do they have a business mobile phone only?

There is a simple answer to the question, for special users such as company cars, laptops and mobile phones, because they are needed for the world. I have a responsibility in the hierarchy of the company lovk psob, tm vt m. And so is your reward. If the application benefits were special, it would not only be very financially financial, but it would lose its wall and its motivated character, ”said Petr Hruka, CEO of Smart Point. “On the other hand, I don’t think that only company management has such bets. This is especially true for a wide range of employees who are important, stable, friendly and loyal to the company. ” Even you, like the management within the special benefits, do not brag about escaping the surroundings.

The benefits hide one disadvantage – quickly get used to it. “Therefore, people should really get what they want, and not be rewarded for hours worked, years and years of experience,” said Petr ek from the company Benefits. For a number of companies, the bag is still easy to implement and is suitable for all employees. It does not have to monitor the performance of specific people.

How do you ct about the benefits?

1. If you are constantly on the move, but you have to forget about the outside salary, try to give a benefit.

2. Highlight the benefits of the subsidy to the employer. In addition, no salary will be paid to him:

  • contribute to the pension and life insurance
  • contribute to the board
  • bezplatn zapjit sluebn vz, mobil
  • free use of company equipment
  • connected to the internet from a work computer

3. You may agree:

  • at work from home, the right working hours
  • for eligible loans for co-financing housing, etc.

Looking for employee benefits?

  • The best ones have only fov 74 %
  • The time they are 2 %
  • I would rather vc penz 17 %
  • dn easy 7 %

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