High quality IT services require millions of investments

Informan technologies are going fast. In order for IT employees to keep up with them, it is up to the employer to invest in their education. The best and those percent of the total rons are spent on wages.

The multinational group of technology company S&T, which employed around 2,300 people, invested 56 million crowns in their distances last year. In pepot, it was 25 thousand per employee. According to S & T’s experience, it is appropriate to spend about 1.8% and 3% of the total annual payroll expenses on part-time employees. This is the only way to maintain a high standard of service in the long run, said Ji Kol, CEO of S&T CZ.

The amount spent on individual IT specialists must, of course, vary according to their rank, specialization and other factors. For selected employees, there are hundreds of hundreds of people. IT companies place the greatest emphasis on the common knowledge in those areas that are the most expensive within the services provided by the company.

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Today, the company does not require it only by experts equipped with technological knowledge. In order to be able to function fully in companies, they need organizational skills and communication skills. Leading the darkness, meetings, organizing a project connected with other people and departments, clearly explaining the sloitch process to colleagues and students are activities for which there is no talent from the factory. And that’s why you need to use such skills, to improve them, so that the effect of each IT expert is maximal and ultimately reflected positively in the results of darkness and in the end of the company.

For IT companies, these training courses are especially important

  • certificate courses for hardware and software products (SAP, Cognos, HP, IBM)
  • programming languages
  • kolen technologi a IT systm (CITRIX, MAX, UNIX, Microsoft atd.)
  • language courses pedevm anglitina
  • manaersk kolen
  • communication skills (presentation skills, communication with clients, etc.)
  • upgrading qualification through university studies (eg MBA)

The IT gateway is specific in its variability, requiring high speed implemented innovation. In all other fields there is a change in evolution, but in IT there is a change in revolution. If you are a guru today in some technologies, this may not be true, so distance in this field is a key factor influencing further growth. For a number of companies that are aware of these risks, Kadoron’s long-distance long-distance costs are rising. IT companies that do not invest in the distance of their employees today may find themselves out of business within a few years, said Jan Turek from STUNITE consulting.

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Anglitina vyaduje standard
IT companies often face the problem of communicating with their subsidiaries, customers and suppliers with the communication of professional term, technology and technical processes. The cornerstone is the English term, which is not generally uniform across the market. One is the only set standard in the field of key terms in at least one group of company taxes, or with customers. Price offers, procedures, instructions and other documents are far understandable for all parties and there is no communication skills by closing complaints, dissatisfaction on the one hand, etc.

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