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She was born in the rough north of the Czech Republic, and because she was often ill as a child, Lydia spent Birke’s time with her grandmother in a beautiful old house in the village. Grandmother gradually introduced her to run runs. Today, he breathes life into life through decorations and play and there is no need for customers.

How was your path to what you owed today?
After graduating from high school, I got married and entered a retirement home. She really enjoyed my work there. When my first son was born, I stayed at home with him, of course. I started at matesk’s, made figurines out of a cuckoo’s mouth for a nearby open-air museum, and sometimes packed something. When I was supposed to go to work, I had no son to look for a son.

How did you do that?
I had to stay at home and gradually went for the other mothers and their children. Over time, my main job became to sweep and read home decorations. I lived polts, dolls, sktky, coca, bunnies or angels.

To vs uivilo?
The income I had from my work was quite stable and I was happy to work at home. It was convenient, for example, when the son fell ill. I didn’t have dn hldn. At that time, I also got divorced. I left my husband right after the birth of my son, because I found out that he was not able to take care of us and I did not want my son to grow up in it.

When did you start your business officially?
it was kind of slow. I issued a trade license and applied for health and social insurance. At home, it started with a table on which to put a machine that I received from someone. Gradually, the bulbs began to grow and I bought the first shelf so that there would be children. And so it went on, and I had the whole room filled.

What was the biggest business arrest?
Probably myths, whether mm prce uiv. Over the same pummm actually constantly.

Weren’t you going into the unknown?
I had some experience with business, I knew I could make a living. I was alone with my first son for ten years, then I met my second mue, I wasn’t worried either. When my second son was born, my husband and I entered a studio in our house, which we completely renovated.

Zzen ateliru was about tracks. How did you do that?
I have a very clever man who got into it. He broke through the anteroom, chamber and corridor, and a large room with a large French window into the garden was created so that I would have enough light for my work. Today there are tables with sewing machines, large shelves are filled with tiles and lots of buttons, little ones, lace and decorations. Konen mm atelir according to all ideas. A city where my time is.

After all, it had to cost enough money. Did you marry you?
We couldn’t afford that, because we got into debt at two, when we decided for a complete reconstruction of the manel house. Let’s meet the mortgage, we wouldn’t make it. And so we build and improve only when we start. Brt has given him a day, when as a self-employed person you do not know what will be next, I would be happy.

Where do you buy materials for your products?
Mm natst esk supplier. At one time it seemed that the textile industry would end in all of them, but the emergence of small tovrnikya offer to grow again. The days when I went to Dvůr Krlov, where there were tons of people in a huge hall, are unfortunately irreversible. So I was happy for the manufactories and when they are shipped, it’s a pleasure for me. When I choose a child, I imagine what I will learn from them.

Where are you inspired by your work?
Get out of the people of creation. I read a lot of books in the dark and that’s why I used to use mainly cotton, linen, canvas and the like. I design my products myself. I have a lot of blocks and nrtnk, where I paint every free moment. But mainly I listen to the requirements of dt.

And what about you between the years?
I love you koalas.

Did your children influence what you made and make?
Yes. They were not only my first admirers, but also critics. I actually started making textiles mainly because of them and on their behalf. You such a skeptic who sat on a paws like a forest. That’s what my son came up with, and he was overjoyed.

Which period is best for vs in terms of humidity?
Just like for everyone who does something, it’s Christmas. But for me, but in January. I don’t have the worst situation, but I have to improve in the organization of time. There mm large gaps.

Where will the recipients find your products?
I have good people and they pour themselves on themselves. I am a proud supplier to various galleries, such as Karltejn or Krumlov. And I go to about two fairs a year. I won’t make it. Otherwise, those interested will find it on the Flr sales website.

Have you had an interesting story in connection with your business?
When I went to the Advent markets in the museum in Hradec Krlov two, a gentleman with a magazine in his hand approached me and a kiel on the floor that I first bought Praktická enu and I copied my erts from there. If I’m not ashamed. Then the uncle did not have time to honor that the eras in that magazine were from m.

You also presented former President Vlav Havel. Betray m?
It was a betlm and decorations on the vnon stromeek from kukuinho ust.

How vs your work iv?
Totally sunny and I wouldn’t change. Mm toti rda your freedom. My friend and I started a tradition where we will sell Easter and a new exhibition in Hronov. We want to support mainly local crafts and bring their work to the people. Exhibitions have a great response and activity. After our electronic records need to be affected, we will have to stop this activity and let this year’s Easter show up in Alois Jirsk’s birth house.

Take EAT?
Yes, due to EET, a lot of terrible events ended, which I gladly went to as a visitor. The fact that we traders are often referred to as thieves is freezing. How much does it cost him a day? I am not a robot, I only have two hands, two children and the other will probably not break into the central budget.

m se v ivot dte?
dm with the advice of my thank you, who put on my heart, e mm give what I enjoy. When making a product, I imagine a specific hunter who would probably like it. I have to be sure that I will give him joy. And then let my work go among the people.

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