Her end began to feed her after a year. At the company with his daughter

He lived in a small town in the south of the Czech Republic, so Jana Heroutov set up her e-shop so that she could offer her products elsewhere and not in the immediate vicinity. Her typical models are known to people abroad, especially in nearby Austria. Only on the Flr sales website can be a thousand thousand enthusiasts ”. She is happy to do what she enjoys and at the same time sunny.

How did you get to it?
I studied textile in the secondary school, and even though I continued my studies at the Faculty of Education of Masaryk University in Brno, after my birth I stayed with a tailor. Matesk’s vacation is a good time for the hunter to realize what he wants to do. The reason I decided to work at home, however, were mainly the health needs of one of my children.

How were the arrests made?
It was a natural development of my then free leisure time, when I devoted myself to what I enjoyed. And so I tested on matesk to see if I was alive with my end. In addition, I was very fortunate because my family home made it possible for me. After a year, I became financially independent.

What was the first product you sold?
Among other things, the first product sold on the e-shop was a skirt. Since then, many of its variants have emerged, especially what is decorated with fabrics. The same handwriting was and are found in circular applications, run strokes and color combinations. Stay tuned. I think that you don’t have to change something that has worked, but what I am constantly creating in me are materials and decorations.

What did you have to think about to start a business?
Since I devoted myself, design and design to two, the investment was not so high. ic machines I had at home. Over time, however, it was necessary to change the hobby machine for the professional ones. This changed during the march from the issued pensions and therefore no loan was needed. Today, there are three professional and developing machines, available as a fighter technology that is essential for efficient and professional work.

Can you tell me how much the initial investment cost?
One professional machine costs around 35 thousand crowns, and as I said, you can’t work professionally without these machines. Whoever ventures in the textile industry and only has a hobby bag machine, it will be a hobby it. I also originally thought that I could only stand with an old machine after my grandmother. But in time, I understood that I could not do without an investment in a professional machine. Customers get the first quality and there is a difference between a quality stitch from a professional machine and a stitch from a hobby machine.

Do you work at home or did you have to rent more space for you?
A business from his home, mm zazen atelir and tailor’s long hair. The house is enough space, so a suitable place is located.

You are tou adolescent children. How do you handle it all?
Work is a lot of time, but because I work at home, I can get along in a beautiful way. During this time, the working day can be automated, even if, for example, by inserting goods on the e-shop or ordering materials, in the meantime, you will receive a lot more. They have children at their disposal at any time, but I can devote myself to my work.

Pro Your products are typically different collections and circles. For?
Yes, mm typical handwriting are solid circles of application. It does not have a philosophical subtext, it is a bottom only because I have been circling lb since I was a child. As a teenager, I devoted myself to batik and the fascinatingly colored interwoven circle fascinated me. The circles are soothing for me, they do not have a sharp edge. The circles are nn, fine and infinite.

Where do you get the material from?
The material for production is taken firmly from Czech braids. It has not always been so easy, and she had to work her way up gradually so that I could choose the really high-quality materials, just so that, as a buyer, I would be interested in the collection for the given company. It was not mon in the pots. Today I can afford it and buy it directly from the manufacturer and I do not have to dog the seller. I can even determine my design meters, which is of course influenced by professional relationships, which the hunter has been building for several years. I buy a wave meter firmly in England, which is shn u ns.

What does the production of such a sweater with naite wool collections look like?
It was no different, for example, from a jacket made of high-quality Czech sweatshirt. As I said, it is difficult to get quality materials in meters. Natst mm dky sv many years of practice contacts at the manufacturer, fixed from England. And for the first time in the production of sweater or knitted leather, the quality of professional machines is very important.

What do you make, what is most interested in?
The Jane art sign is practically what a woman’s nose is. And they are summer dresses, skirt trousers, as well as winter thermal jackets made of sweater under the fleece and pants and skirts made of denim. I make various accessories, such as winter epics, scarves, weasels. I would say that she can dress from spring to winter. I can’t determine only one product that is the same, it sells in about the same.

But I must change that the customer often looks at the mm of the product. They decide for themselves where the color or how the decoration can be used. That is why the sale on the e-shop is exclusively a custom production.

Choose only for women?
Well, it’s so humorous, because I recently started making a men’s swimsuit for vodka. They are decorated with a rudder made of runho stamping.

For the first pnsk swimsuit?
I’m du vodk, so I consider it my duty to have a vodka collection. But swimsuits are not only for vodka and I must add that they are very popular.

Do you have any helpers, or can you do it all yourself?
I started the production myself, today there are two faders, which will help me. These products are then sold at markets and fairs, which I am very happy to visit for their uniqueness and individuality. I personally devote myself to custom production via the e-shop, because I often have to consult with customers about their ideas about the final form of the product. The full range is according to the design of the collection and the production of stitches.

Pomhaj vm vae dti?
After graduating, the company was joined by his daughter Tereza, who, thanks to her first profession, was in charge of all matters concerning ethnicity and the like. In addition, the run of the production of salami is devoted to production.

Are there any colors that you like and that you prefer?
The world can be colorful and colorful and you can see it on my work. I don’t like one color, I personally work with the whole colored key, but every customer has every color and it is up to me to help the customer with the choice.

In what price ranges do your products move?
The skirt can be purchased from 880 crowns, the long winter wool coat costs 4400 crowns. Kabty ij only in custom production, for really only external recipients, who are still standing.

Do you think that self-employed people in the Czech Republic have good conditions for business?
Since I only devote myself to creation, I don’t know much about bureaucracy. In the evening, these matters are handled by the daughter. I got it. Now we’re going to EET, so let’s see what it brings. It will be difficult to change markets, but there is nothing that can be done about it. I just accept this duty and don’t do it.

do I live in life and in business?
I’m not a hot shooter and I’m firmly in my intuition. So if mm npad npad, I implement it quite quickly. And because, as for him, all evil is good for him, so I don’t have anything on my knees. Not even financial losses. I know how to use the situation and evaluate it in such a way that it is to the benefit.

Do you have any dreams full?
If it goes as before, I will be satisfied.

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