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Vanda Vihlov started a business because she could not find a good cafe in Prague. She opened herself and hit her despite the problems. Today, I would like to know how to grow up in business and its company started to succeed.

“You have to try our espresso, it’s great, really! And give him a boob? It’s a house. Don’t you want to? So at least try organic hoick tubes. You are fantastic. Jin u will never want to, ”I listen to Vanda Vihlova, the owner of the Bio Zahrada café not far from Prague’s Mru.

Dvm j for the truth that sell vn um. In addition to kva and pipes, I bought in her shop jet aje, marmalade and biscuits all in organic quality.

Opening a cafe in the center of Prague was a risk. The competition is huge in thle area. Didn’t you think it wouldn’t work?
Kvu mm very red, and because I missed a really good cafe in Vinohrady, I opened my own. I was excited about the npad and nothing stopped me. I wasn’t afraid of the competition or the guest. I found a non-residential space with a garden on Belgick Street on the Internet, agreed with the owners and we opened up at home. If this is a long time, confirm not only our everyday guest, but also various awards in culinary magazines. With a flower, it’s like feeling with a huge amount of taste. You just have to be able to prepare it.

You soon added an organic store to the cafes.
It was similar to that kvou. I enjoyed organic raw materials, but I had nowhere to buy them. So I found a regional producer of organic products, contacted them and started to spread my food offer piece by piece. I tasted the products myself. I want to know what to sell to people so that I can describe and recommend it to them.

And then you went to offer boxes.
Song. From May to December, we offer organic boxes, which are seasonal vegetables, milled products and gave products directly from farmers. We are currently taking organic vegetables from the Camphill organic farm in the Czech Kopisty. Boxes for 200 or 400 crowns, badly for the amount of ordered vegetables.

You have invested a lot of income here. Did you drink with the bank’s husband or did you use disputes?
We suffered those pensions gradually as we spread out our services, it was also not a one-off investment. Manel was quite sunny, we had something to eat, something we drank. we didn’t take vr. In fact, I don’t even know where the amount came from, they’ll come when you need them most. And she needed them three years ago.

How were the arrests?
At first I didn’t earn a crown. Jet e ml manel stl sala, from which we all thli. But the hunter must be diligent and persevering. And so the guest gradually began to add, and thus the pension to the cash register.

And how does it all work for you?
The café has a large number of clients, as well as organic trade. It is so interesting about boxes, even though in the past he used to be t. We will sell about 50 weeks, once it was 120. Demand fell after the farmers’ markets began to serve, which led them to take orders. But again, we find new suppliers on them.

But before you did, you wanted to visit Bio Zahradu. What happened?
Last year I had a daughter and I went on maternity leave. I could not be in the cafes every day from morning to evening, I could not arrange everything, buy, order. Suddenly, I stopped growing through the chaos and the employees didn’t get along. Also, the whole project started to die.

And how did you resurrect him?
Manel and I decided to sell Bio Zahradu. So we started looking for buyers. And instead of it, we found a number of very interesting people who move in this gate and who said to them, and we invite you to go. So, on their advice, we sat down and really consumed all the expenses. And the result surprised me. Until then, I had the feeling that I didn’t need to do everything on my own, so that I could do it all on my own. But it was not true.

As a result of the reorganization, the cavalry and trade began to take root.
Yes. He gave him a firm d. J of course help him, but only when mm as. The great advantage is that we have great employees who control their work, and so Bio Zahrada has started again. And we are expanding our services again. We reorganized the kitchen, we offer soup and main course every day, we dream of seasonal dishes. The kitchen prepares fresh sandwiches, somersaults and quiches. And by the time we want to open a large garden with a barbecue in the courtyard, where meat and vegetables will be served.

You are the ambassador of the life project, which can support women in business. What would you say to those who consider their own activities?
In my opinion, business is the best way to work. Just recently, I was a friend in Hradec Králové, and do not be afraid and my project has taken place. I advised them, and definitely do not present any tragedies and personal crashes and do not repent: What if you have a healthy barrel and then it works.

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