Help change the financial literacy of Czechs and win a smart phone

Become a mouthful of what was not here. Help change the financial literacy of the nation. The test with 60 questions was prepared by the Bankovn server in cooperation with

Do we know exactly what the terms on the contracts of financial institutions mean? Which vr is most suitable and how to make deposits?

Similar questions thoroughly perform financial and banking literacy. If you answer them all at once, you’ll get to the HTC Explorer smartphone. You can find the rules of the competition here.

“Prime Minister Petr Neas also took over the survey and competition,” said Patrik Nacher from the Bankovn website.

You can answer the questions here. You can reply until May 31, 2012. The winner will first receive the e-mail, so it is necessary to have the current address entered in the MjPas loyalty system.

There is no time limit for completing the test, when you will not be sure of the exact answer, you can study the darkness gradually. For example, you can find help here.

Let’s answer correctly and after the end of the competition (that’s why the discussion under the article is not open). As a result, let’s prepare a unique analysis, which shows that they can do the most and what they can do without problems.

We are also going to ask selected politicians the selected questions. We then compare their answers with that knowledge.

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