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In people pct bread and prodv kvsek. The epidemic did not hurt his business, on the contrary. I think that bread as a staple food has somewhere inherited, left as a reference to our ancestors. The coronavirus and the wave of accusations are a clear proof of this, to the owner of the KvseCZECH company Lubomr Kobda, a freshman of the competition of entrepreneurs Rozjezdy T-Mobile.

His business career began eight years ago. He wanted good bread that smelled and tasted good, but he didn’t find it in the store. When the house received a bakery as a gift, you said that baking your own bread would not be such a problem. Then it was a trial and error method. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t even work out. It was clear that I would have to find out how kvskovn works, Lubomr Kobda recalls.

The easiest way was to ask someone who baked bread, and that was Grandma. In her time, bread baking was one of the basic skills of a housewife. When the young two wanted to get married, they had to be able to cook and, of course, bake bread. but if he had to go for a long time, he got a professional publication to understand the piece from the point of view of a biochemist. Then there was a game, you know how to do it, you know what exactly happened in the process and the bread of the bread started, describes the arrests of Kobda.

Pct bread for the family is one vc, but you are started to give courses peen…
The course was one big coincidence. I was looking for a course for myself, I wanted to learn something new, but I didn’t find anything interesting. And I got to the pages of naumese.cz and there I was interested in the button Sta with the lecturer, he clicked and said there: Let’s look for someone who can make a piece of sourdough bread and is from a big city. I signed up and have been able to bake bread ever since, and it’s been a nice eight years.

Was there interest in the courses?
I’m interested in courses all the time and I’m really rd. It would be a great pity to drink such a brutal skill. There is a unique and very positive atmosphere at each course. To this day, I remember Grandpa Jura, one of the first participants. Overhead drelupeenbochnk and kiel U me bt wolf, ju umm upct bread. (smch)

We take courses to go out and give more types with a certain exchange. Brno is a constellation, but my course is created so that you can pack the necessary things in the car and arrange it anywhere. I often go to Slovakia, Prague, and companies. There is a meeting of bread. Here you have a whole new experience, bread bread in a nutcracker, where we explain to children how bread is formed from a grain of grain and to a slice of bread. I really enjoyed it and I repeat it whenever I do.

Did you spend on courses?
I didn’t care much about the profit, of course, the exchange rate always had to cut costs with the exchange rate. But I somehow realized that it was the first step towards him in the dark, I had to repent, but in the end it drank.

Do you mean the establishment of the company Kvseek, psno KvseCZECH, which sells packages for the production of yeast bread?
That’s right. I started the company last year, it was September 13th and confirmed to him that talking about the net on this day is just a point. (smch)

I wanted to create something really traditional using the original recipes. I focused on simplicity so that it was ready to use with a clear procedure. And, of course, I’ve packed something you’ll be looking for elsewhere. A slice where you can make the best sourdough bread with your own hands.

I had washed out the product, but I had no idea if there would be any interest in it. I really had to learn a lot, and very quickly. I signed up for the Start it SOB program, I went through a hundred and it moved me to dl. I gained a lot of contact, which I would get as a start-up company much later or not at all. Thanks to workshops and consultations, I learned what and how to do. Moreover, because people interested in a program of expert values, it was the first confirmation for me that my project makes sense and is in a hurry.

The experience of your project has also been confirmed by practice, sell it in the e-shop. What happened to the transport flower? What? Or, conversely, won’t it be like in a Mug, and he smelled like sweat?
That was the biggest challenge. An active piece would definitely not make the way, so I had to figure out a way to put the piece to sleep. It took me a year, I did not invent and fine-tune the process of production so that the awakened kvek always succeeded. But the piece is only the first step to switching foam, it is necessary to tie a bunch of quality ingredients and follow the prescribed procedure. It is prepared in a yeast bale and the bread is wrapped.

Where does he go from Brno to kvsek?
We will currently sell in the Czech and Slovak Republics, but we have confirmed that the flower package has reached India, Mexico and, of course, the USA. He gets to foreign lands for a simple reason, Czechs and Slovaks abroad make mistakes on bread and rolls.

We follow the purchases, usually the first purchase for the exam, then the order follows and then the subscription order. Holt, once you try an honestly made yeast pastry, you will very often return to industrial products.

You are probably one of the few companies to which the coronavirus epidemic has helped.
It’s true, we celebrated Christmas in a row. (smch) So there was no snow, but the volume of sales indicated that. It was very difficult to secure enough raw materials for production, but our deliveries of goods did not stop at all.

And we managed to support the atmosphere of foam and with the help of social workers we helped hundreds of people to start a piece of bread and bake bread. In ivm we clearly said the names kvsk, in the second wave u kvsk was so much that we would not do anything else. Every day, the exact procedure of founding the flower was published, and at the end the bread was baked. I didn’t sweat it, it was one loaf after another. Get me running photos today.

I read the opinion that when I spend time consuming foam, I definitely do not spend on my own beer.
I fully understand your question and learn Sun. and hardened by production is really precious, but not at all. For mm peen own bread value that can not be sent at all. As I froth the bread, I relax, slow down and break away from the days of hasty time, because the rush does not break. Own dock hands to feed your family, and it’s priceless. To this day, as someone has discovered, it is enough to mix flour, water and salt, and in the end you have a lot of coffee and a lot of bread.

How full are you in the future?
Below we listen to feedback from customers, many subscribers have called for a ride in an eco-friendly package. And the first new package is put into circulation, a fully compostable cut and a guide in electronic form, the other ingredients in the package are under the same.

There will be two new products by Christmas (the real ones in December), but we are preparing and gradually launching a few more boards and it will be worth it. And of course the expansion to put markets. Also mm in full to do retraining for pekae. Only a piece of God will remain for, among other things, eight years, it is the foundation of a company and unshakable know-how.

You have become a nationwide competition of competitors of Rozjezdy T-Mobile. Congratulations and I have to ask what this means for you and what to do with the game?
Of course, I am very happy with the game, it is due to the proof that my project can be interesting, it is viable and it takes me a lot of energy to move KvseCZECH a bit longer. It was not much to decide on the use of the game. KvseCZECH needs growth, so we will definitely use advertising and media support, let’s prepare an online campaign. It’s exactly what we need you and I’m very happy to be able to work with the best companies in the field. We will go to the production of another thousand yard balconies. You will definitely need enough product.

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