He started out as a door-to-door salesman, today he has his own brand and a turnover of 200 million

Dominik prunk sold his first shoe to ride as a student. He was twenty at the time and brought in slippers. Over time, the assortment expanded and began with its own production. His company Sant Medical Shoes has been on the market for almost a quarter of a century.

He studied at BUT, and if he finished the round, he could be a member of it. The thing was not used and even in the family he had no one to look at from the craft. Since he was a child, I have been able to do it. When I played football with the boys outside in rags, I enjoyed fixing them or even improving them, Dominik remembers.

Pestoe never smiled his whole shoe, even at almost thirty years old. I like when something tangible origin is under my hands, but I have never found and spend the day in production, k. Daily bag works on the top. From the right pattern, I add specific requirements to white shoes and to design completely new shoes. I have fun under my shoes, when someone wears our shoes, when I talk about them with customers, even when you are blamed for a shortage, my work is floating, add.

How did it occur to sell shoes? And for just medical?
My mother actually led me to that. She always placed great emphasis on the health properties of shoes, she also forced me to wear cork slippers as a little boy. Only the sale on the market was quite limited 30 years ago, you could only buy uncomfortable corks from Slovakia, so we started to buy and sell meat slippers.

In this slipper this is not enough.
I supplied customers and horses to customers and gave products and I noticed the lack of medical footwear in medical needs, we also spilled the range. At first we got the shoes, but shortly after that we started outsourcing our own production to Czech factories and then we founded the company Sant zdravotn obuv obuv.

Were the arrests tk?
When the arrest is tk. For the idea, first the warehouse was in the hallway of a family house, then we spilled the warehouse (smch) and shoes were stored in the gardens in a building cell. It was similar with the production, we stopped in Gari.

Today, few people can imagine how it was difficult at that time to get only a lease for a pickup truck, but rather a real estate lease. The banks wanted to ruin the property at that time, and we didn’t have one. It was a guaranteed circle. And in 2001 we managed to buy a dilapidated farmstead in Detovice, which we gradually repaired and were able to put vry on it. And in Prosei u Skute, we bought a former bicycle building, which we renovated and we make here to this day.

Deliver to health stores and shops, but you also have your own shops. If it’s dark, there are eleven.
We have twelve of them in Czech and one in Slovakia. We prefer people to try their shoes on, so we run Atelira healthy footwear. We rent the premises and pay with the seller. From the arrest, our motto was: He had a great deal of care for the client. And it paid off for them. Not only because we can show the whole and offered shoes, but most importantly we are able to listen to the customer and we can make sure that we are on the right path.

Medical footwear is not only for the disabled, today it is also nice. How do the parameters of the shoe have to be met in order for him to be honored that he is really healthy?
This is quite a complicated question, even orthopedists do not agree on what medical footwear is. We work intensively with lkai and use their expertise in footwear development.

The medical shoe should definitely be comfortable, flexible in the front, made of both durable and breathable materials and, of course, should have orthopedic support under the arch and in the arch. On the contrary, a certified baby shoe should have a straight insole, a firm heel and should be flexible only in the front. The birth certificate also guarantees that the shoes do not contain harmful materials.

And we make sure that medical footwear is also handsome, which is not easy at all. Just because, as for what was small, it is nice, but if the shoe is comfortable, it is usually a little bulkier.

How se li Sant from 1997 from Sant from 2020?
The file is the same, it is still in the forefront of the order. Of course, we have grown since then, we currently have 67 people in offices and distribution and 77 employees in production. In total, we will produce over 320,000 units per year, and each year it will offer about 330 completely new items to the top and bottom models, with a turnover of around 200 million crowns.

In a moment, celebrate Sant’s quarter-century in the market, which, according to me, is a huge shower. What are you most up to?
spch to urit is also to do it with humility in mm. But I must emphasize that since the arrest I have had the test of capable and skilled people, without whom I would not get anywhere. And what is the greatest pride? Urite the customer that is returning.

How is the esk customer?
According to our many years of experience, it is especially true that when you like one shoe, he will buy it under and will not look for change. Although we have a lot of news in the cadmium catalog, we also have lty proven pieces. Some models, of course with minor changes, will be made for twenty years, customers will take them for a while and some want to buy them from several. Also, until he eats, we’ll make them.

How was the company affected by coronavirus epidemics? Mte days?
In the bottom case, the production took a long time, but we had to stop it for 14 days. Paradoxically, I have to work twice as much. I always wanted to have a company like an airplane with an autopilot and just catch up, control. (smch) However, this is not possible, and in turbulent times not at all. We have to improvise a lot, make it more efficient and look for reserves at all.

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