He built his business on discounts with mobile operators. and people pension

He is 24 years old, going to the bike, but now there are people in his company. He bet that even in the sale of mobile tariffs is expensive in the market. “Mm velk tst that colleague and co-owner Petr Fajmon loves tables and can do it with sly,” k.

Roman Novek is behind the Tarifomat.cz project, which offers people free discounts at mobile operators.

How do you do business at your age? Stle go to the bike.
It’s a big wheel of life. I always thought I could do it myself, but I find that there is a lot to be learned. On leave and free time too unnecessary. There are two companies for us, my colleague Petr Fajmon will also be able to do it.

In addition to owning half of the company, you are so powerful. How do you command friends or keep your distance?
It’s nron, but I don’t know how to make friends. People know, I’m up to them. When I can, I’ll tell them, we can buy some new things, dt bonuses. If not, I will tell you that there will be no extra pensions. But I’m consistent when someone doesn’t meet the deadline or doesn’t meet the back, so I’m angry.

Our people want it, I will not break the nonsense, they know that the things we want from them make two senses and they are good for the company.

How many people work in vs?
The company is growing, the seller on the phone now has about fifteen. The number is based on me, depending on how many we need. There are about ten stable people, but sometimes it rises to 17 people. The pace of growth is now the fastest since January, ie since we have the support of the Mediacentrum Group, which advises us on how to put the web and internet advertising.

How do you keep people in darkness, your age or even old age?
The point is for them to be the people who can handle it. Since we are a young company, so stn nco mn. We are still introducing new systems, products, under something and that is extremely important. It’s also usually about young people who like this naturally. Average about 26 years.

Where did you even get your pension for starting? How much did the company spend at the company?
In total, it will definitely be a million million. Kamard and partner Petr Fajmon, among others, joined the company. The banks did not hear much about the company, which the boys started for twenty years.

How much do you personally work?
It is every day, even on weekends. There were times, including January and April, when I actually did every day from eight to midnight. The company needed it, we put it together. Free weekend was a sight. I’m turning off a bit now, I work about ten hours a day, sometimes a free weekend. We have delegated some things to colleagues, we dream of being efficient. That’s the kind of thing he can do.

Uiv vs it? Or do you pay the pension back to the company?
I won’t drink much yet. I think that when a hunter starts a business, the foundation is that the company is solid, it has a satisfied employee. Also, all pensions go to these things first. Urit te nen as retirement from the company to pull, double your managerial salary. That would completely suffocate the company in thle fzi and people would respect it. Thanks to that, the company has a good atmosphere, people see that they are the first to admit, and then we. So let’s not talk about the company.

Take firemn BMW then zatm nekon?
Not really. Cars have a lot of rd, rd rides, but dn car, neither corporate nor personal, I do not have. The only thing the company pays me is the phone.

How much can you weave?
You nothing. Mm njak penze naeten, which but come. I’ll be about twenty, but it will be 15 thousand. Included. The company must be in profit and have a financial reserve.

To bydlte stle u rodi?
No, I live in an apartment with a roommate. I have the advantage that I am a student and the student lifestyle suits me so far. I don’t have bundles, I don’t go on holiday to the sea and I don’t get bored. I don’t need that much either. Rd, I’ll do it once, do good things, I’d like to buy a Porsche, but I’ll have to. Not really.

Aren’t you thinking of selling while you have a drive?
When a loan from an investor offers me millions of crowns and I guarantee that our people will remain in the company and it will continue to develop in Brno, I would think about it. But the company’s potential is still showing. Now we want to partner with a partner in the company to invest pensions in as and the potential of the company to force itself. But we are somehow interested in our company, but we are not selling at the beginning of the day.

How did the concept of the Tarifomat come to mind and when did it originate?
We started talking about the company in about January 2011. I’m studying first in Brno. I put two into online advertising and so the manager in the call center. My experience also follows from this. I think the sale of mobile tariffs here is expensive on the market. In the UK, we noticed billmonitor.com, a huge calculator built by Oxford mathematicians. It compiles the most suitable tariff for people. To nm pilo skvl. From that moment on, we talked about it with a beer and we started it together. We launched it last August 16th.

As the only one, you are certified by the Czech Telecommunication Series. Who built my own calculator?
Mm velk tst that colleague and co-owner Petr Fajmon loves tables and I can do it with sly. He was the main creator of tables, including all calculations and formulas. The Ajci just converted them to kd. During the certification, we differed from BUT and T by only about two and three percent. But they have different input data. Otherwise, it would be a sad song, it was written at the time.

So what is your promise of your own confession?
People visit our website and fill in their phone number. Then he calls them with an operator who needs what he needs for data and puts them into the calculator. 90 percent of the tariff, which we sell, is not in the bnm price. Either we have a discount or an acne offer. Most often at 24 or 12 msc. Let’s find out that lovk you peplc pt hundreds. In return, let’s place an order and complete the process with the operator. Attention, definitely some old man that he needs the internet. Let’s not offer anything more, let’s save on the services she uses.

What is the average discount you have?
It’s very individual. There are cases of people who have you five years old tariff and salary five thousand msn and at the same time they can pay five hundred. Thanks to the extrmm, the average discount is around 40 percent.

How many sales do you record?
I don’t want to be fully specific about that. Visit our daily press page. In a day we have plates for sale.

So what are you coming from?
Open, we declare that we have a commission from the operator. We will receive a commission from the operator, from whom the customer will actually take the service. N business, even if it is open, is built on the fact that we have to sell tariffs. We are not just an advisory line, we have to catch up with the whole sale ourselves.

On the one hand, you pretend to be a villain of invisible operators, on the other hand, you are their sales channel. Isn’t that a bit of a schizophrenic position?
Sure, I’m sure their sales channel. I’m not ashamed of that. But on the other hand, I’m also the guerrilla. I am honored that so many people come to my site and dock to sell so many tariffs. And they pedhn with offers. Their prices are not set at the time and they do it.

Isn’t there a danger that you will become a vassal of one operator who will attract people to the competition through vs?
The operator respects him, as there is now a good offer on the market, and it is up to him if pizpsob. Let’s put a positive pressure on n. In addition, the customer goes through a calculator, which is an objective and then an indication of which operator is most suitable for it. J therefore I can’t be a vassal.

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