He bought a trip with a free ticket. The blood discount did not take place

Jaroslav Novk found himself last December on the Discount website as the blood of the descent to come to me. Two nights in this hotel, price 4,990 crowns, free tickets. Well, don’t buy it, great for a girl.

The condition was to contact the travel agency Cityholidays, which sold the trip, and find out if there are any free tickets for the required term. That’s what Mr. Novk did, he called the trip and was sure the tickets were there.

Then it took a while, the agency did not send the invoice, it was issued and dreamed it even had to urge several times. However, the drek was on Monday, an invoice arrived in January and two conventions at a total price of 9,980 crowns were paid.

But when he approached the departure date and Mr. Novk did not have a hostel voucher or airline tickets in his hand, he got a little nervous. Although he had a written horseshoe agency Cityholidays for the purchase, only for that he did not get on the plane or stay in it. And so he contacted the agency several times, usually he was able to answer the first time we sent it.

The flight was canceled, the descent did not take place

In the end, the furnace just finished. Two days before the departure of the horses, the owner of the travel agency, David Konick, called and announced that the airline had canceled the flight and that the departure was therefore handy. Although Piel has a proposal that if Mr. Novk pays twice 1,600 crowns, the tickets will go elsewhere. Mr. Novk refused to do this and agreed with the travel agency to return the pension.

Since then, I have sent countless e-mails and SMS to Cityholidays, when the pension is a pension, describes Jaroslav Novk. According to him, the agency did not respond to the written contact at all. Someone picked up the phone, but the answer was either the pension we sent vera, the pension spun back, or we sent the payment first. And pensions are nowhere to be seen.

After two months, he turned to dTest. As part of the out-of-court dispute service VaeStnosti.cz, DTest repeatedly tried to contact both Jaromir Konick, the operator of the Discount as Blood portal, and David Konick, who runs the Cityholidays travel agency. However, our efforts remained unanswered, informs the head of dTest’s first advisory center, Luk Zelen, and adds: The dTest advisory line has recorded complaints about the discount portal and the travel agency.

After those MSc, the travel event finally shook Mr. Novek’s pension.

I think they were moved by the fact that my case was published on the dTest website, so the fact that I did not give up, but called by phone every other day, sent about ten e-mails, two registered letters and won a complaint to Jaroslav Novk. In the case, it turned out to be the time, but my nerves were in the sun and I would like to warn the shields against similar purchases, add.

There are more similarly disappointed customers

Mr. Novk is not the only dissatisfied customer. Evidence of the contributions in internet discussions (read here).

The Czech Trade Inspection Authority also received complaints and suggestions for discount portals and travel agencies. Suggestions regarding the Discounts as Blood website concerned only unjustified goods for the payment of a voucher, which is a matter that does not fall within the control powers of the OI, informs the Czech Trade Inspection Authority Ji Frhlich. If the terms of the contract have not been met by the supplier, and a mutual agreement is not possible, the consumer can only obtain his first legal action. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority inspected the web portal practice even in the event of a complaint about the information on the first part of the complaint and during the inspection found a violation of the Consumer Protection Act. The operator of the portel was therefore fined in the amount of 20 thousand crowns.

As for the travel agency Cityholidays, we received ten complaints, which concerned unfulfilled paid trips, non-refundable pension for them, changes in full in violation of the travel contract and thus suspected unauthorized business, according to the OI. The inspection inspected the complaint or referred it to the inspection body and imposed a fine on the company for the inspection. The activities of this agency will continue to be monitored by the OI, but if the consumer has financial claims for the agency for non-performance, for example for non-executed exits or mountain hostels, they can only get them through the courts, adds Frhlich.

For saws board late

Our editorial staff contacted both the Discount port of the Discount as Blood and the travel agency Cityholidays.cz. The phone number listed on the travel website was unavailable. By the way, it’s exactly the same word as the port of Discounts as blood to me. Both companies responded to our e-mail immediately, first by phone, then fairly by e-mail.

Slevyjakokrava.cz and the travel agency Cityholidays are completely independent economic entities, the discount portal is only a mediator of the stay, which under the travel agency, explains the operator of the discount portal Jaromr Konick and added: On June 11, 2014, she sent enough for the refunds and the pensions were returned on June 17, 2014, according to Konick.

And it took so long for that and for the congress not to take place? Cityholidays travel agency operator David Konick apologized for the fact that the funds were paid out from below. The client sent the wrong message here, immediately afterwards he sent the correct message, but due to an administrative error there was a delay in returning the payment. At the moment, I do not register the day of the unpaid stay and I would like to point out that I have not realized it since the regular stay, especially in the e-mail of David Konick. According to him, the stay was canceled due to a shift in the time of departure to non-times, by the airline. As the client would be deprived of one full day, the travel agency decided to cancel the ticket for this reason.

Not a traveler like a traveler

According to the business conditions of the Discount as Blood portal, only a contract for the provision of a discount coupon is concluded between the customer and the portal operator. The actual contract, the subject of which is the purchase of goods or the provision of services, is concluded between the customer and the seller, or service provider.

In this case, Mr. Novk therefore concluded a contract with the operator of the Cityholidays travel agency David Konick. Only in the business conditions of the travel agency is the following notice:
Outside the client, we are only a travel agency and we do not have to sell for the first time – to carry out exits, which are two or more connected services, such as a stay + ticket, etc.… dan locality – hotel. After all, as an advertised ticket for FREE, you will always receive it automatically from our contractual partners – discount portals and it is only up to you whether you will use the given – free service.

According to the first element of dTest, this view should be discouraging for potential recipients. If an entrepreneur tries to define on his website who is and why he does not, what he decides and what he decides not to do, he is often an indicator of the entrepreneur’s effort to deviate from what is usual, warns the Green element.

The offer of Cityholidays is conducive, confirms the speech of the Association of Travel Agencies R Jan Pape. According to Papee, the link to the free ticket from the contractual partners of the discount portals is strangely strange. It is a very non-standard procedure, moreover, it is not at all who owns and reserves tickets and who is a partner for the customer on the way, warns Pape.

So what to watch out for

  • Discount portal, no exit, sale discount, ie coupon, voucher. Such sales do not fall under the con. 159/1999 Sb. on certain conditions of business in the field of tourism and does not apply to it the rules that apply to travel agencies and travel agencies. The discount is not a departure, we must first apply the discount.
  • Only when we apply the discount will we change the discount to the exit. If the person to whom the discount is exchanged, ie the travel agency or travel agency, refuses to accept the discount, we must negotiate with the person who sold the discount, ie with the discount portal, and we must demand a pension back or participation in applying the discount.
  • If the agency or travel agency accepts the discount, the relationship will be established according to the law. 159/1999 Sb. and must be confirmed by a Certificate of Exit (two Travel Agreement). This must be prescribed and must include an overview of all services included in the prices. It is necessary to compare whether the confirmation is identical to the promise. If not, something is wrong and we have to go back to the discount portal and fix it.
  • If the partner is a travel agency, we must find out who is the organizer of the congress (trip). The agency itself cannot combine services (hostel + ticket), it only writes to travel agencies.

Source: ACKR

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