He bet on hemp and his sneakers are a big hit today

The business story of Tom Rohal, who broke through in the Czech Republic and in the world with cannabis sneakers, is not just about a few ways up. Zail i sloit moment and sleepless night. All the problems he managed to stop at this moment and the sign of Bohempia becomes interesting even for a lot of investment. Logical. There is interest among investors in the company.

He started his business in 2015, but he was preparing to start the business for a year and so on. He knew that he wanted to do something with technical hemp and the analysis showed him that the best for him would be textiles. Firstly, because I understand him, and secondly, because eu ltky is not a problem with THC and it is not like your cosmetics expiration time, to Tom Rohal.

He had cannabis woven and thought there would be days. It didn’t work out. As it turned out, the ltka had a good construction on her trousers and was not suitable for them at all.

I had 2.5 kilometers of air, in which I invested several hundred thousand crowns and it was impossible to throw it away. That’s why I was looking for other options for what to make again. Eventually I discovered a sneaker manufacturer in Zln. I drove there and in two weeks I took off my shoes, the businessman remembers his arrests. This time he hit ernho.

How did it feel to sneak a sneaker in your hand and know that hemp was used?
It was a lion and a joy. In addition, I made a name for myself, I would read the ones myself, I would have made them one day, I could make 10 shoes and I would be able to evaluate the one.

You introduced the first sneakers to people at the Canafest trade fair in Prague. How did it end up?
It was him, it told me that I was probably going the right way. They are made of ecological and functional material, which is strong, antibacterial and absorbent, which is why they interest the people.

You just didn’t have a pension to start production. Pro vs thought of trying to reach people on Hithit?
It was a combination of two vc. I could test whether the people are willing to buy sneakers. It’s not enough to just praise you on Facebook and Instagram and ct: Lb to me. The kind of thing is whether the people buy them.

I succeeded in getting them ordered by the people. How many pensions did you get from the people then?
In the first campaign on Hithit, I wanted 250 thousand and managed to raise 290 thousand crowns. It was actually a pre-sale of goods for a suitable price, which I had to deliver within a certain time.

D to make such a presale and make a profit?
The purpose of crowdfunding is to get a pension to start the project. You can take it as a one-time project to make something and sell it at a profit. J did it as a long-term project. I used the pensions that were chosen to buy other things, including marketing, and more shoes were made, not ordered. The additional sneakers were sold and were put on production. I could afford to buy dal pzi and have a calf made for dal made sneakers. Thus, the project could gradually develop. You have to keep up. For example, I had to invest 750 thousand crowns in advance for the last order of the ticket.

We managed to get a pension for the production of hemp sneakers from the people of the world.
Yes, we added a chicken and tried to get a pension from the people in the American Kickstarter, which is the mother of all crowdfunding. But we took it mainly as a marketing test. We wanted to get feedback on how the color combinations and how the shoe styles will sound and from which countries of the world. We managed to get around 800 thousand crowns and quite good feedback. The shoes were ordered, for example, by people from Singapore or Australia, and we would not even spend a single crown on marketing. The agency, which helped with the American crowdfunding, said that it was a big show. We used the pension opt for the production of calves and the development of the company.

Jen kad spch bv after service. At first, Zlna saw that they only made a limited number of shoes, because they got into trouble.
Instead of eight thousand, they were able to produce only 1,500 products and then they said they had a production and we had to buy a factory. But we wanted to sell shoes, we didn’t want to make them either. We started looking for a new sneaker manufacturer to deliver the ordered goods, which the people paid for in advance and did not have to return the pension.

Were you scared then?
Yes, Jr. At that time, my family and colleagues shook me. It was sleepless nights. We haven’t found a manufacturer in our country for a long time. But I wanted to find him, I’m optimistic, I took it as a challenge. It finally happened in Romania. But there it works so that you have to pay the moment you pick up the goods. You also have to be very busy at a very time for the company to grow.

Dog of all vicissitudes can be given today. How will you turn around this year?
Yes, yes. It is important that we grow by 100% every year. This year, compared to last year, double the turnover, ie a little over 10 million crowns.

U is the sun paid?
I enjoy it, but I don’t drive a second-hand sports car abroad. We return the pension we earn to the production and development of the company. We are growing organically, naturally.

The name of the company itself often plays a role in the rush, how did you do that?
Bohempia is an abbreviation of the two words Bohemia and hemp, which is the English term for technical hemp. Since the arrest, I wanted to create a company that will have a worldwide harvest and go beyond them. If I chose esk nzev, it would be pronounced abroad. I didn’t want to vote for a purely English name, not even my name Rohal, I’m not a Ford (smch). I didn’t want to give my name, what if the business didn’t work out.

Today you have partners in the company, we managed to get an investor. Can you fight?
Um, but he didn’t want companions who would just invest their pensions. I wanted them to be active in what was possible. They can speak to the running of the company, the last word mm but j. This last word always comes from an agreement over the hearing, because it was not bad. Let’s order production according to what is sold.

Last year, you again approached the people at Hithit with barefoot-style sneakers with a thin sole and you broke the record. Did you expect to get those millions from the people?
No. In the companies, we had such a competition in advance and guessed who would hit. I thought a million would be chosen, but I guessed 1.5 million so that my colleagues could see that I saw a light (smch). One colleague guessed five million, so I was finally kind with my tip.

When did you suddenly get as many pensions as you took?
It was a joy and a bundle. According to my opinion, barefoot shoes with a thin sole are very popular in all of them. And we prepared for that time. The problem with barefoot shoes is that they are very expensive and not very nice. Nm managed to make them pkn and at an affordable price.

Jenome opt occurred sweat. What happened?
We had a production problem, the Romanians did not have time to make shoes, they just promised and promised.

How did those who subscribed to barefoot photos take it?
Reactions were different, some were melted, gave were helpful. In the end, it worked, but it was awkward.

How did you get paid?
Let’s get two types of barefoot shoes and we try to optimize production according to the taste of customers. If customers are very conservative, they prefer the 40% black variant. In the spring, we were at a fair in the USA in Colorado, which is exchanged for technical hemp, and we were surprised at how crazy Amerian colors are. The blackness is below average for them.

Our goal is to find a new strategic investor who would help us to develop the company. Some of them contact us, but they were big investors who wanted to invest in the breath of millions of euros, which is too much for us at the moment the excess power of pensions. But I know that the first investor will be found.

You knew cannabis as a boy when your brothers planted seeds at home. Is it true?
I was 12 at the time, my brothers got seeds in the empire and thought it was marijuana. Tymet flowers grew in the gardens. Tta kal neighbor, that it is bamboo, and mma again, that it is a major in soup. It was just technical cannabis, marijuana days.

When to go back, was this plant met for vs destiny?
Probably yes. Cannabis gradually became interesting. Technician turned to him to differentiate himself from marijuana. And marijuana was created to ban technical cannabis. It was the foundation of the industrial lobby in America, when polyamide began to gain ground. The manufacturer wanted to get it where flax and hemp dominated until then.

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