Hail in Prague destroyed thousands of cars. one hundred million codes

Pojiovny and damaged stable codes that caused hail in Prague on Sunday. For example, Kooperativa reported 2,390 damaged vehicles and 940 mansions.

“We hope that today the mucus code will grow at a similar pace, so we sent a team of technicians to inspect damaged vehicles, and we opened a contact center where clients can bring their damaged vehicle to inspection,” said Milan Gregor, director of the Insurance Claims Settlement Center. Cooperatives.

codes caused by hail are covered by non-compulsory liability. The exception is if you are liable for insurance against natural disasters.

The connection is that the codes will increase throughout the week. “The number of codes can reach up to 150 million crowns,” Kooperativa estimates the press.

“We are currently registering almost 500 reported code cases, of which 400 are damaged vehicles and 100 are property codes. A total of 35 million crowns was lost in the code, ”said Renata Svobodov, a spokeswoman for the esk podnikatelská pojiovny, to iDNES.cz on the afternoon.

esk pojiovna estimates that from Sunday the storm will live and 10 thousand codes relating to the car and another and three thousand codes on other property, especially on buildings. According to the liquidator esk pojiovny, the total volume of codes can cost up to 600 million crowns.

“On Jik, it was a kind of car that had a broken hood or glass. The front glass is broken, there are cobwebs on it and deep dimples on the hail on the body, ”added Krista Jirkov, a resident of Jinho Msta. She drank on the shack after the hut the night she walked in front of the house. A neighbor met there with the plates.

Nkte code ani nehls

Damaged cars will drive vc, not uvdj pojiovny. “The hail destroyed the hood of my car, but I won’t report the code. I’m just obliged to do so, it doesn’t make sense either, “explains Pavel from Prague 10.

For example, Mr. Mark’s hail only broke the turn signal at the car. “I thought I had the code, but the car could not be started. Water flowed through the broken glass and caused a short circuit. so the code will be much you, not so bad. “

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