Great overview of the housing and prices of domestic banks

Do you know how the bank will offer you services for free, for which you will pay and how much does a bank loan cost at all? If so, be one of the handful of enthusiasts who enjoy regularly studying the detailed prices of domestic banks and exceptions from parcel services.

According to experts who follow the detailed gate, the Czech banking houses have taken the path of massive packaging and their services have recently become more obscure.

In Western Europe, the principle is offered and used, where the client pays according to his needs for tailor-made services, and therefore has a substantial advantage, he turned into a packing house in domestic conditions. This practically makes it impossible to compare the individual offers of individual banks with each other and makes it difficult for the client to choose the most suitable variant.

Get lost in the offer, I’ll be comfortable with the bank
Banks offer it to such a large number of clients that the client can easily get lost during their research, including the analytical and consulting company Scott & Rose Michal Monika. According to him, this is the main advantage that can sleep on the market.

In the wide range of offers, the client chooses the right package and the bank, of course, overestimates his needs and tries to sell him expensive services. They usually argue that more services are more suitable for the client. But people often pay for something they don’t need at all, adds Monika. Consent with nm so the chairman of Sdruen Defense Consumer R (SOS) David Mejkal. At this time, it is practically impossible to compare competitive bids to the best.

It also points out that the packages always contain a mix of uritch services, and therefore it is not possible to determine exactly how much one specific item costs. Such a safe can be useful for banks, because they cannot be criticized for many individual bank fees.

First, due to fees for maintenance and cancellation here, SOB clients supported SOS with the bank court. The district court ruled in favor of the SOB, but two models of client action moved before the city in an appeal to the municipal court.

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Error all inclusive service
Banks disagree with pebalkovnm vesms. We do not consider dreaming of their sweat or changes in structure. They are optimally adjusted to suit the needs of our customers, to Roman Ondrkov, a press spokesman for Komern Bank, which offers five basic packages.

The Scott & Rose survey found that the same number was offered by Volksbank, the same by ivnobanka and Raiffeisenbank, followed by esk spoitelna, SOB, GE Money Bank and HVB Bank. According to Monika, who studies banking in the surrounding countries, the offer and structure of the Balk are significantly more complex than abroad. In western Europe, the trend is for customers to pay money and most services and transactions are then free, add.

However, this does not apply to the most expensive product in the country. Still missing a package that would, for example, clearly declare that in addition to a credit card is free, in addition to the portal Patrik Nacher.
According to him, in addition to the lack of clarity of the Balkans themselves, there are also problems with the change of their rules by banks.

The package can streamline services and save pensions. However, the opposite happened, Nacher claims, he only organizes a survey on the web about the announcement of the day of protest against bank fees.
The idea in simplicity, not a bag in the price of the service, according to Monika bl, is the most popular packages for ivnobanka, Citibank and GE Money Bank. But even you can’t do without a few paid exceptions.

According to the new service of esk spoitelna, which the bank is going to introduce in the near future, the market could move. People in the package will choose the services of their choice. Just buy a tal according to your appetite to the widow’s table and you will be able to consume it however you want, promises the bank’s talk Klra Gajdukov. They refused to give any details about the service.

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