Governor NB Tma signed the first banknote

A new autograph was written on Czech banknotes after the names Toovsk and Kysilka. The Governor of the Czech National Bank Zdenk Tma signed his first banknote – a two-thousandth model in 2007. He should follow in time, but this year it will not be.


On Monday, the NB introduced a new model of banknotes for the first time. From July 2, two thousandths will appear in circulation with the same valid pattern. The versions from 1996 and 1999 also remain in force. Star banknotes will be continuously replaced with new ones according to their wear and tear.

How to recognize a new two-thousandth

Basic technical, artistic, engraving and graphic design do not differ from the old patterns. The banknotes are printed by the Sttn security printing house in Prague, only this time it will come from Germany. Its bite is a pressed-in protective strip with a shiny metal color, which, depending on the noise of the impact, shines smoothly from purple to green.

This strip will not be available until now (from 1.4 mm to 3 mm) with an admissible denomination of the banknote supplemented by the abbreviation of the name of the national bank (repeating negative microtext). This is the first security element visible without any aids.

Bnmu users can be reminded of the authenticity of the banknote and the modified watermark – in the view against the light, next to the wall watermark with the portrait of Ema Destinn, the discovery of a light marked with a face value of 2000 K. This will be supplemented by a small ornament.

They will also be happy in Sri Lanka, today you will meet A and B in the two-thousandths.

The last element visible to the naked eye will be the glossy strip located to the right of the portrait, its color changing depending on the noise of the incident light. A one-color dog with parallel edges replaces a two-color strip and its right side gets the shape of a wavy line.

The two-thousandths will also be provided with a modified tactile emblem, which will also go orange under ultraviolet light. Of course, the new banknotes have a number of security features on them, which make them more professionally accessible. They must be equipped with various devices – such as ultraviolet lamps, and FIELD testers.

Dal elements are visible only under the UV lamp:

Are we improving the crowns before the euro is adopted?

NB improves the Czech koruna at a time when it is a matter of adopting a single European currency. The closest thermal bag is the year 2012, ie not in five years. The innovation of banknotes most often takes place in the horizon of 5 and 10 years, for example, according to the NB, for example, there is talk of the innovation of euro banknotes. The star patterns of the two-thousanders have been grown and their ways are running out. Therefore, the NB proceeded rather than to reprint the old patterns to print the new pattern.

“The first rights to the 2000 K banknotes were made on the 1999 model. It has been 8 years since then, which is the time after which most central banks consider the protection of banknotes against counterfeiting to be improved,” said Pavel ebek.

The application of new security features on a new banknote will of course also mean production costs. According to the NB, these external costs represent hall items. For the idea of ​​production costs (of course, depending on the nominal value) one banknote less than five crowns.

nejlp chrnn banknote

It will break out on the second of July

You can theoretically come across a new pattern of two thousandths on July 2, but this is the date when the central bank will only start distributing it to the banks. You will be able to go directly to one of the NB cash registers without any worries. However, banks have to prepare for the news. It will be more of a trained employee – cashier, not a technical right. It is possible, however, that most likely the ATM will have a new banknote with a face value of 2000 K on 2 July.

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