Gold has reached new highs. From July nrst 24 percent

The price of gold last week set a historic goal, when it jerked over the $ 1,150 / oz mark. After another $ 1,000 arrest, the gold continues to rise unscathed, without any indication that its price to traders would be exaggerated.

The main reason is the excess liquidity in the financial markets, which in recent months have been created by central banks with their expansionary monetary policy. If there is more income in the economy, prices must stop rising. At the moment when new pensions flow into the economy first through the financial sector, the prices of those goods that are most in demand in the financial sector are starting to rise first.

It is no coincidence, therefore, that in recent months the prices of financial assets, such as stocks and bonds, followed by commodity prices, have been the fastest, thanks to the monstrous expansion and abundance of new incomes, with a slightly lower growth.

Gold as a safe bearer of the value of vid and banks

The demand for gold is also affected by a number of fundamental factors that begin to surface during the financial crisis, as well as the current post-crisis period. Gold has always been considered a very safe asset and bearer of value. First, his role in recent months has gained momentum, or he will continue to suffer from the US dollar with a known amount of dollar reserves.

The expansionary monetary and fiscal policy in the US, which has resulted in a sharply weakening purchase currency of the US currency, is rapidly reducing the value of dollar assets, such as US government bonds.

Some central banks therefore include in their reserves gold reserves on a large scale, which will support the demand for this precious metal for a long time. For example, less than a week ago, the Central Bank of India shocked traders. She announced that she had bought 200 metric tons of gold from the International Monetary Fund.

It was the largest single purchase in the last thirty years, which would not have to be the last purchase. It is also speculated that our central bank could drink with a similar order. In April this year, she announced that compared to 2002, when she last reported the state of gold reserves, she increased her gold supply by almost 80%. At the same time, it is certain that the gradual diversification from the dollar to the gold will continue beyond.

The fact that we are really interested in gold is also evidenced by the recently canceled destruction of gold and silver gossip for private individuals. Not only can they now crush as much gold and silver as they see fit, but even a massive media campaign to buy these precious metals is available.

However, interest in gold is growing enormously in the lands of the past. Sales of America Eagle’s most famous coin doubled in the first nine months of this year. The total number of newly minted coins in one of the world’s oldest mints, the British Royal Mint, then increased even more than last year.

How is the reason for this growing demand? Even in this case, it is primarily an attempt to secure against negative influences. Thus, many investors are very aware of the uncertainty that surrounds the current situation in the world’s largest economies. You know opt rst. However, there is still a big question about how these countries will be able to do what they are growing under the influence of the growing effects of the expansionary policies of governments and central banks.

For Czechs, gold is not so expensive

One of the key factors influencing the price of gold is the exchange rate of the US dollar. Gold is the official anchorage first in dollars. Therefore, in the last six months, its 24% growth has been known for the fact that during this time the dollar has lost less than 5% of its value to some of the world’s major currencies.

The price of gold in a korunch bag still does not reach its historical maximum. Although in recent months, despite strong crowns, the rise, one troy ounce will be sold for less than 19,800 crowns. That’s about a thousand crowns per ounce of me, not in the burrow of this year.

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