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Furgal found a dangerous process in his body: he needs a tomography

The ex-governor of the Khabarovsk Territory, Sergei Furgal, said in Lefortovo that he suspected that he had started a serious illness. He asks to have a CT scan, but the investigator is in no hurry to meet him.

And the journalist Safronov is trying to refuse disinfection

Autumn at Lefortovo this year is a particularly difficult time. Some prisoners are asked to take them to a psychiatrist, others are stocking up on food (due to coronavirus, according to rumors, parcels and transfers may again be prohibited). But most of all the prisoners of this special pre-trial detention center in all senses are worried that they have begun to see their lawyers even less often, and human rights activists can communicate with them only at dusk.

How the most famous inmates live in Lefortovo now, including the ex-governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Sergei Furgal and the former Kommersant journalist and adviser to the head of Roscosmos Ivan Safronov – in the material of the MK columnist, a member of the Moscow POC.

Lefortovo is the only pre-trial detention center in the country, which, in fact, has not canceled the restrictions introduced in the first wave of coronavirus. And, if in other isolation wards long-term visits were recently allowed for those already convicted, and members of the POC calmly walked around the cells, revealing violations, then nothing of this has happened here since March.

Human rights defenders were inundated with complaints by lawyers, including those in Lefortovo. One of them is the notorious lawyer Roland Eminov, who a month ago made a statement to the UK and the Prosecutor General’s Office on the fact of violations of the rights of prisoners during the pandemic.

– All my statements and complaints were sent to the FSIN, – says Eminov. – But I am preparing new ones, I will not give up. In the latest document of the chief sanitary doctor of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia, there is no requirement that prisoners communicate with lawyers through glass and using a telephone. But we still talk like that. What kind of attorney privilege can we talk about? In general, there is only one room for communication with defenders. Only 3-4 lawyers pass through it a day, so the queue has become even longer. Some cannot get to their clients for more than a month. A person’s constitutional right to defense is violated.

The ex-governor of the Khabarovsk Territory, Sergei Furgal, is one of the few who were allowed to speak with lawyers not through the glass and not in the room for short-term visits. In general, in “Lefortovo” they now treat him with emphasized respect (apparently, after the scandalous rumors about his beating, which were not confirmed). For the first time in recent months, employees have never interrupted our communication.

“Yesterday they brought me a huge package of letters and telegrams,” Furgal says. – There are 500 pieces. But they are all for the period from 16 to 22 July. Messages from the past. I am terribly interested in reading letters and telegrams for at least September, I don’t even dream of October. One envelope contained only a drawing of the granddaughter, and for some reason her letter was confiscated. Even in the package, I found my own letters of the summer period, that is, they did not go to the addressees, they returned to me.

Sergei Furgal says that he leads a healthy lifestyle in Lefortovo: a glass of juice for breakfast, he does three push-ups during a walk, and so on. But prison, as you know, has not made anyone healthier. And Furgal admitted that shortly before the arrest, the Khabarovsk doctors discovered one dangerous process in his body, and he needed to have a CT scan for a long time. The investigator has medical documents about this, but he does not give them to the Lefortovo medical unit. As a result, you can miss important time.

Former journalist Ivan Safronov, optimism in his eyes is clearly diminished.

“I’ve been here for a hundred days,” Ivan says. – The lawyers reported that they baked a cake at home about this. I would like to be free as soon as possible…. Here I already started to miss buckwheat, the last time it was given two weeks ago. I did not finish the story about the military commissar about which I told you.

I was told that after you wrote about him in MK, all the military commissars began to fear arrest. I filled the refrigerator with food in case of a ban on parcels and transfers, I hope I can hold out. An important point – is it possible that our cell is not disinfected on Fridays? After processing, there is a strong smell and a headache.

Other prisoners told us about the same. And they also asked for warm clothes from the warehouse (the storekeeper is in no hurry) and disposable masks in the store (now they are given rather ugly ones, similar to Santa Claus’s beard, apparently sewn by convicts from the housekeeping unit).

There is a special category of prisoners in Lefortovo who are worried about completely different things. In recent days, several prisoners at once told the members of the POC of large birds flying along the corridors of the pre-trial detention center that they were being irradiated with unknown devices and poisoned with psychotropic substances. All of them, by the way, were suspected of treason. Some were eventually taken to a psychiatrist.

“Due to the lack of real treason, the special services“ accept ”fools,” says the intelligence veteran. – In the fall, such prisoners do not control themselves well. I do not envy the Lefortovo employees.