From the outside, it only pays off for the rich

Citibank has been signing years for more than 2% of its owners with CitiOne. The current limit is more than 100 thousand. crowns, from which the pensions were paid at a rate of two percent, waste.

Zstv bag fee 250 crowns msn. The bank forgives the fee only to clients, their average msn balance on tech peshne 100 ths. crown.

The fee does not only apply to the spot here, it includes the entire CitiOne package, ie maintained here, a Maestro debit card, outgoing payments and 2 withdrawals from any ATM in R.

At the same time, clients with a pension can dispose of it at any time without notice.

can be controlled at Citibank branches, after purchasing a security key (for a one-time fee of 450 crowns) with the help of internet banking or via telephone banking.

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