From the latest news in life insurance. Spoen yields 4.5 percent

life insurance is prominent in the Czech Republic. Pojiovny inserts completely new elements into them, two unthinkable. From a suitable connection with a high yield to the first protection of the family or medical service and to a back cover for those who go out to family.

At the turn of August, the connection companies came up with murderous news.

esk pojiovna (P) has significantly transformed its one-year life insurance policy, which in competition competes with banks’ long-term deposit products. It is so claimed by an expert that we should not be confused with life insurance.

It is possible to connect with the insurance up to the age of 81

The new Prmiov Garance P is a combination of a sun-enhanced joint and a mandatory one-off insurance in the event of death and death in a car. Compulsory insurance is cheap, depending on the entry age, they cost one hundred crowns. The insurance is short-term, it only takes place for three years. He gave the insurance packages, which range in price from about t to 16 thousand crowns, the client does not have to choose.

Insurance with a suitable connection is intended for adults from 18 to 81 years of age, which is also unique. For the conclusion of the insurance, you only pay a one-off fee in the amount of one percent of the deposit and the paid pension will increase by a guaranteed 4.5 percent return on the P Invest portfolio.

For those years, however, it is necessary to deposit a single fee of at least 30 thousand crowns, the upper limit is not. If necessary, pensions can be collected in advance, but for a fee of one percent of the collection. Insurance is limited in time, to be agreed only until December 6, 2010. Another novelty is that this insurance can be taken out for the first time by phone or the Internet, which has not been the case with life insurance.

If there is no death and death, the free 30 thousand will increase by about five thousand crowns in three years, and for example, a deposit of more than 100 thousand will cost about 16 thousand crowns. In the event of an insurance event, the insurance company pays the deposit valued at the date of the dead client and the agreed insurance indemnity.

women at once the insurance of the end of the account

The news was reported by Uniqa pojiovna. In the case of risk investment, life insurance with a dividend is more than fifty innovations, it can protect a significant range of risks and financial savings.

The new example provides a record number of called diseases, a total of 34 diseases, including liver cirrhosis, bone marrow transplantation, bacterial meningitis and swelling. Unlike other insurance companies, Uniqa has started to pour so much that they are careful and have reduced the price of insurance once by five months.

Pro ppad trvalch nsledk po razech zavd pojiovna nov napklad a estinsobn progresivn plnn. When I was blinded and stubbornly put on a cart, I was able to get a high price of 12 million crowns.

New first protection for the whole family

Uniqa now arranges the first and first protection of the family for life insurance, up to a limit of CZK 1 million. The insurance pension is paid, for example, for court claims in the case of a neighborly dispute, or for problems with complaints about goods, in disputes over ownership and other civil lawsuits.

The insurance company has included a new and wide medical service in the risk life insurance, for example, the possibility to consult at any time over the phone about your health or to obtain a type of written expert opinion from top experts to the diagnosis made by the student.

A novelty is, for example, the possibility to take out an assistance insurance policy and arrange for children to be read by a specialist. This is done at professional workplaces in Prague and Brno in situations where children have neurological, cardiological and health problems.

The insurance covers whether in risk areas

The new Kooperativa is responsible for the usual insurance risks that insurance companies are willing to accept. Since August, it has been a saw with a risk connection for extreme situations, which can be concluded very suitable as a Perspektiva life insurance system or even separately.

The price varies according to the number of days on which the insurance is agreed. Including 1,004 korunch for insurance for a maximum weekly stay in the risk area, the price for one year of insurance is 20,088 crowns.

The insurance covers whether the soldiers in foreign missions, newspapers, workers of humanitarian organizations and you employees of companies who work in high-risk areas and various countries. It provides progressive fulfillment for the lasting consequences of the impact and also with the risk of death as a result of the impact in areas such as Afghanistan, Sdn, Congo and others. In the event of death as a result of the one time they receive one million crowns.

Changes in life insurance are also reported by other insurance companies, such as SOB Pojiovna, Wstenrot, Allianz, Generali and ING. AXA is preparing news and in the middle of this year. Practically all of them involve the distribution of insurance risks or assistance services.

All insurance companies now compete so that clients can freely change the scope of insurance protection according to their needs and tailor the insurance according to their current life needs (for you, you can take care of life insurance more here).

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