From the customer’s point of view, the exchange rate list is the opposite

It is not difficult to know the exchange rate list, it is only important to spill currencies from foreign exchange and know who actually buys me according to the exchange rate list and who sells.

If you exchange before the holiday to the exchange in R with cash in your pocket, the exchange rate vs. the exchange rate. You can also pay for currencies with a payment card, but for this transaction, the bank that issued your card charges an additional fee for the so-called Cash Advance. We will deal with this issue in more detail on 19.6.

Usually suitable exchange rates are used only for cashless transfers between them.

Before you go on holiday, watch the sales on the ticket, even if you buy me. The exchange rate list is always written from the point of view of the operator, ie the bank or the exchange office, which will sell me in our example.

After the return, when you exchange the foreign currency back to the Czech crown, the exchange rate will use the exchange rate. If you need to exchange foreign currency back to the Czech crown after your return, exchange rates for me are not suitable for sale and fees are usually for you not for sale.

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