From poor John of Esk is rich John. He makes millions of dollars

John Vanhara is one of the investors in D-Day. The ordinary Jan Vahara, who was born in Brno, became a wealthy businessman in the USA. The value of his companies is now a million dollars and he pays millions of taxes to the US treasury.

In 2008, John Vanhara set out, for example, a promise that allows for convenient shopping in American online stores. Today, it is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. “They can start a business in any field and find a way to do a very good business with minimal costs,” said the entrepreneur.

As a young man, you were an artist, painting in large format. But that wouldn’t be surprising, that’s why you started painting ads on the facades of houses. How much did this first venture cost?
It was relatively close after the revolution. There was not much competition, so the rocket company grew up. I was very young and inexperienced. During the short time I had 25 employees and earned a large pension for that time. Most of the companies at the end of the year wanted to spend their pensions on advertising, which could cost hundreds of thousands of crowns a month. But I also always had the feeling that I had grown older in those autumn months. They were nerves in organizing and getting rid of.

How did you deal with your first business profits?
m easier to digest, the easier to spend. It was at a time when you were just stopped by mobile phones, which looked like suitcases and cost around 100 thousand crowns. For a similar pension, I bought my first Apple pot. I also tried to expand and spent the rest of the pension on it. He bought the rest of the equipment or invested in new businesses that brought nothing.

How is it related to pensions, how do financial principles crumble?
That relationship with pensions changed radically after moving to the USA. I started again in an unfamiliar environment. I was afraid of haste and I knew that no one in America would forget me. This in some way forced me to fully re-evaluate the relationship with pensions. I started living them. Neutret left. Almost and to the extreme, because even if someone could not do business, I wanted to sell a minimum of pensions. In the end, I found out that this is a good way to be careful and always look for a way to avoid overcharging you. My policy and goals were completely financially independent. I know I will never have to work in my life. And I adapted it.

Have you ever suffered without thinking? What do you spend for?
As if I liked him in cars, I was willing to spend money on cars. Today, however, I can do it with cars. Utrcm probably big enough for travel and I’m not sorry at all. I also suffered from material slaughter more in that useful slaughter. There is probably something to do with these pensions. But it’s not without thinking. I’m just a little bit here and there.

Today you are not financially dependent and on your blog you do not ask me about what you pay in taxes. Also, don’t you pay how much you paid in taxes to the US Treasury this year?
When I see what I pay on taxes, I can’t get used to it. It is mainly a ratio to what is spent on personal consumption, which is not so much. For the first time in your life, I recently wrote a bill for one such tax installment, and that bill was worth a million dollars. Above the darkness, I paused a little, that this would send someone one for such a large toll. I pay millions on taxes, but I don’t mind that much.

Is the business including paying income tax in the US other than here? How are the differences?
My impression is from the experience I had in the Czech Republic more than ten years ago. Also a lot of vc me be different today. In the USA, it seems to me that it is very important to follow the rules and not try to go around anything. Thanks to the fact that I pay such a large tax, banks offer me incredible conditions for bank loans. The warehouses we are expanding into with, so I prefer to buy rather than rent. And in the last few years, banks have been able to rely on who can borrow. At the same time here in the newspaper that the loans are not given. It’s not true. When a company can do it and you can do it on a tax return, the banks literally force their pensions on them under normal conditions.

I have fixed you for very short years to 20 years to buy commercial warehouses. These are opportunities that will help my business unbelievably. When I call the bank that I need $ 10 million for a warehouse for a warehouse, they say there is no problem and I have to rush to finance the purchase for me. Everything goes hand in hand. I focus on doing business to make the best of it. Platm dan. And thanks to that, I can turn my back on the loan. In Czech, I feel that people are in trivia or looking for ways to get around.

Own one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. How is your own recipe for spch?
The hunter must gain the maximum experience in business as quickly as possible. Take rehearsing, changing, adjusting and putting everything on quickly until it starts to work.

You did business in the ad field, if some projects didn’t work out, you ended it. How do you look at nespch?
It is better to look forward and not backward. There is always something to stick. Zat nov podnikn. Find a new baldness. When something goes wrong, it means nothing. Dleit is what you do today to make it happen tomorrow.

How many crowns and in how many projects did you invest in total on Day D?
To tell you the truth, I don’t know exactly. I did not agree on some projects and invested. Or the agreement has changed from what was presented on television.

You invested a million crowns in nail files, the investment was made by you in bicycle carts. Was it well decided?
So these are just the treasures when it turned out a little differently. At the files, I waited to see if Mr. Zuzan could get the contract she mentioned during the filming. But she never got her to win the contract. I then offered me the alternative option of investing pensions in his company even without the contract, but we did not agree on the terms. I wanted to make the investment gradually and, according to the results, add money. Zuzan didn’t like it.

For bicycle carts, we have received several documents and never received them in a clear format. This is a problem for a large number of Czech entrepreneurs that they have a little unorganized or opaque. In the end, I offered them to invest only in the US to win some contracts. We made a website and contact my customers. We have discovered that there are similar trucks in the USA and some companies have patents for it. It got a little complicated, but let’s look for sales and money to get started in the US.

Know that you can do business in any field with minimal costs. But what about? How many hours a day did you have to work before you earned the first million dollars?
I worked dark under. Almost no one has seen this. Basically no holidays and seven days a week. When I was home from work, I opened my laptop in front of the TV and worked for you until full time. The first two and those years were really cruel. I could give it to me intensely. But I was really worried I would fail. I started in a completely new environment in the USA and I had no idea how what works. I recovered from the arrest. Including English, which I didn’t know much. I also tried to insure how to do it, and I preferred to do more than me. But over the years, I’ve seen how I have moved forward. I made it so that I could invest in real estate and secure myself for life. Over the years, it has been possible to completely turn life upside down and prove the power too much.

It’s up to you how much time you spend on your business. Did you take it off?
I took a lot. Ever since I lived with me in California, I’ve changed my lifestyle dramatically. I was able to secure myself, and that initial motivation, the fear of failure, turned into something else. Spe is dedicated to strategy. Pemlm, what to give. What am I interested in. I lived in a beautiful city near the sea. The sun is shining all year round and it is pleasantly warm. Take mm chu and energy nco dlat. I have fun. But it’s not as drastick as I ever said.

Your best company is called Shipito? How did this name come about?
Shipito comes from the word combination ship it (field it) and there is the letter “o” added at the end. I was looking for a vacancy and this made me feel free. So I was happy and immediately registered the domain. I liked that he was a mole. I also took it as a good sign for the arrest of this business.

To what extent does the name of the company itself matter? Me bt nzev klem k spchu?
So the name according to me is not the same. What matters is what you actually offer to customers and whether they are excited about what they are paying for.

How many companies do you now own and how many people do you employ?
The two main companies on the basis of companies and on shipments from the USA to the whole world. Then mm hands in a lot of experiment and project. But until those projects earn at least a hundred thousand dollars, I don’t want to call it companies. It’s just experiments. Otherwise, more than 115 employees work in my companies. Vtina is in Shipito.

What people rd do you work with and how do you f?
Mm rd upmn and loyal people who are not afraid to work, honor the truth to oa nepolitikait. And how do I f? This is tk. That would have to be evaluated by others. As a rule, I don’t give anyone anything that I don’t want me to do. And what I want from people, I return to them. I am so loyal, do not be afraid to work, km truth to oa nepolitikam.

Wages are kept secret in the Czech Republic in private companies, as is the case in the USA? Are the muffles taboo, or do you want to announce how much the hunter will spend?
Spe ne nek.

How much can u vs employees earn and earn, how is u vs divergence salary?
The starting salary for full-time work in an office or warehouse is $ 10 per hour (approximately 210 crowns). This is for a hunter who has no experience and we know him. That’s how long we like it. A lot of things in companies are different, it’s easy to raise people, not to hire someone who has bad habits. If you pay us a salary and then very quickly we will pay the fee when the hunter osvd. Pidno does not get but only once a year, a quiet place pr msc. Let us appreciate the result and reward people accordingly. Also, a hunter who starts to pay for $ 10 an hour, during a very short time he will be in a leading position and earn you 50 thousand dollars ron (roughly one million crowns).

On your blog, you would like to try the pekae profession for free. For first this profession, what vs to n lk?
So at first I was annoyed that there was no bread in America. That started to change quite a bit. But j mm good fresh pastry grapes rd. A hrozn rd se nco um. I also hope that you bake this good hell, and when I come to the Czech Republic, they will invite me to the table and explore everything.

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