Fraudsters misused ATMs, this time eBanka

Last week, some eBanka clients were unpleasantly surprised. They also included in the transaction entry those they did not carry out themselves. They became fraudsters who chose eBanka ATMs for the day. They placed special tees or skimmers.

So-called skimming is currently one of the most common ways of misuse of payment cards. For a certain period of time, fraudsters place a special device on the ATM, which copies the necessary information from the magnetic strip of the card. In most cases, this flow is accompanied by a miniature PIN camera. Obtaining information can fraudulently produce a counterfeit card, with which the client can exclude.

Last week, eBanka became the territory of the described fraudulent stream. “We recorded an attempt at skimming at two eBanka ATMs in Prague,” Tom Kofro told in a press release. Specifically, on Saturday, June 2, a skimming device was discovered at an eBanka ATM on Karlov nmst and in Jugoslvsk Street.

According to Kofron, the bank took precautionary measures every night to minimize the impact of skimming. Zazen was removed from both ATMs and the bank informed clients who had withdrawn pensions at a critical time. The bank is connected with several clients who could become involved in the flow and their case in the standard way. In addition to new damaged payment cards, they will also receive an unjustifiably selected pension.

Should clients of other banks also appear among the victims, eBanka is going to inform them through their home financial situation.

you only get a pension

een: antiskimmovac zazen, in the future ipy

For now, eBanka’s ATMs are receiving the so-called FDI (Fraudulent Device Inhibitor) module. This device severely limits the copy information from the magnetic stripe of the payment card.

The FDI module has proven itself in several countries around the world and is currently provided by all Raiffeisenbank ATMs, under which eBanka pat. Gradually, eBanka ATMs will also be equipped. Only esk spoitelny ATMs have similar security against credit card payments in the Czech Republic.

Gradually, the situation will be resolved and the transition to IP technology, payment cards will be deprived of magnetic strips quite. However, this is a matter of several years.

Ten first breeding at the ATM


Before using the ATM, check that it shows no signs of unauthorized interference. If the vm card cannot be easily inserted into the slot or suspicious people are moving around the ATM, do not use it and look for another ATM.
2. If you believe that someone has unauthorisedly sent it to the ATM, report this to the police, card issuer or ATM operator. Protect your attention not only to yourself, but also to other cardholders.
3. When adhering, follow the discreet word and allow the select to perform the entire transaction undisturbed. For some ATMs, a discreet mark on the ground is recommended.
4. Stand firmly at the ATM and, when entering the PIN, cover the keyboard with your free hand from above and prevent the PIN from being obstructed over your shoulder.
5. Don’t let anyone distract you. If anyone is watching or watching, cancel the transaction with the help of the button “cancel” or “cancel / cancel”, wait for the confirmation of the cancellation of the transaction and go to another ATM.
6. When withdrawing cash from an ATM, always follow the instructions on the screen. Do not accept help from unknown “good due”, never let go of fruit and divert your attention from the transaction.
7. No one but everyone is authorized to complete your operation before completion (not even bank staff, ATM staff, security staff and police, etc.)
8. Never unlock the ATM before completing the transaction. After completing the transaction, do not forget to withdraw cash and vai card. Drive both discreetly before leaving the ATM.
9. If the ATM screen does not display a card seizure notification, do not assume that your bank automatically learns that the ATM has seized the card.
10. If you have started using an ATM and the card has not been returned without an explanation, do not leave the ATM and contact the card issuer immediately, who will proceed with the next procedure.

Source: SBK,

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