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Is it good to exchange cash in advance when going abroad, just go with a card, or rely on Czechs? Way bad about where you’re going.

You will pay the most on the fees if you pay by card on holiday. But not in voodoo it works. If you go to the developed countries, you don’t have to worry, you can pay with it in the dark. If, for example, you are in Africa, do not rely on the card. take cash or rather checks that are safe.

Paying with a card in shops is advisable not to exchange pensions in any currency or bank. Do not pay daily fees, in addition, the bank will convert the local currency to crowns at a suitable exchange rate, explains Raiffeisenbank’s Tom Kofro. It’s also safe. If you lose cash, you have nothing left. When you lose your card, you can block it and you will not lose your pension.

Inquire about fees when withdrawing from an ATM
He had to withdraw money from an ATM, but it would not pay off abroad. For example, buying 20 euros in esk smnrn vs will cost 580 crowns. If you choose the same 20 euros from an ATM from abroad with a Komern banka card, you can pay for the exchange by three crowns at a suitable exchange rate, but you will also have to pay the obligatory hundred crowns as a surcharge for the deposit. Also children a total of 96 crowns incl.

The difference will be compared to only 350 euros, when in the direction you pay 10,150 crowns and when withdrawing from an ATM, the bank will deduct the same ten thousand crowns. Fees range from 50 crowns as a fixed amount, in addition, pay a certain percentage of the selected amount.

Some banks deduct only a percentage of the fee and do not have a fixed fee. The disadvantage of the bag is that they have a set minimum amount to change. For example, at eBanka it is 1.5 percent, a minimum bag of 140 crowns. Even when withdrawing from an ATM, you can save if you use the first one. When, for example, with the esk spoitelny card, withdraw pensions from an ATM of the Erste Bank financial group (they are most often in Austria and Croatia), pay only 25 crowns and a full percentage of the selected amount. In Slovakia, the owner of the SOB card has a cheaper ATM ticket. Pay only six crowns and 1.5 percent of the fee, the holder of the Potovn spoitelny card will go for a crown less.

So pay attention to which card you have. Whether debit, issued to bnmu here, also credit. Most banks want to go for a credit card. Even in Central Europe, I can tell you that your merchant or card will not be recognized. In Austria or Germany, for example, you can find shops that only take Maestro cards. In the UK, for some merchants, the MasterCard cardholder has to pay a fee and three percent of the purchase price, while the VISA electron cardholder does not have to pay the fee.

You can also get into trouble with American Express cards, which, according to their name, are mostly born in Central Europe. Beware of Cuba, you will not have problems with most Czech bank cards, but American Express and Citibank cards will refuse.

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You will not succeed with cards in developing countries, for example in Central Africa, where only large international hotels, banks and restaurants or shops on the fly are recognized. There are also ATMs, so it pays to travel to these countries with the Czech Republic, which is issued by the bank in the Czech Republic.

You have to pay for them (usually a percentage of the hundred, at least 30 and 150 crowns and 10 crowns for each issue issued), but they only determine the benefits of the furnace. There are no limits on erpn, they have unlimited validity, in case of loss or failure they can get from the bank an unpaid fee free of charge anywhere in the world, usually until the next day. For the transfer, the banks use the same suitable exchange rate as when paying by card.

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