Foreign exchange: cheap lines, operation tracks

Have you returned from abroad on vacation, part-time, or work and think about what about the euros and dollars left in your wallet? One of the monch een is the wall of foreign exchange. Vte, how much vs will it be stt?

How it works and what banks offer

Foreign exchange offers practically all banking houses on our market. As a rule, only one proof of identity and a basic deposit are required for it, or the future disposing person needs to have it with him / her. The whole process is not time consuming, it is established within a few minutes. A necessary condition for the creation here is, of course, the composition of the deposit. Its size is different in banks, the required amount will be between 100 K and 1000 K, pp. this stka pepoten on me, vn will be led. You just have to choose the “first” me. You usually have a bag of euros and dollars (USD) for the selected currency from the entire exchange rate of the bank.

If you request to be maintained in another currency in the Czech bank, a new account will be created. The only exception that confirms this rule is bn et eBanka. In her case, you do not need several, you can only get one. This number of crowns is possible at the same time and in ten months. The client simply activates them on his own, for keeping here in the so-called side currency, a salary of 11 crowns per month. If there is no movement in the foreign currency and its balance does not exceed about 100 K, then the client does not pay the fee.

only without currency risk

Follow-up services for white TV foreigners correspond to the darkness in korunch. You do not have to withdraw cash from here only at the cash register, but also with the help of payment cards (of course in the city, where you choose), you can make cashless transfers and monitor the status of your help with the so-called pmho banking services. lasted orders.

For a fee, go here and 60 crowns, for which it is necessary to take into account the use of the service, e.g. fee for issuing payment cards. You can avoid the extra fee for keeping here if you use the so-called bank balconies. You can find them in the offer of HVB Bank and esk spoitelny. Whether it pays for a package that contains at least one or more foreign currencies in addition to the koruna’s bills is to be judged on the basis of individual needs. If you do not use all the contents of the service and perform only a minimum of transactions, give preference to foreign exchange here “ordinary”.

An overview of the prices of selected transactions can be found HERE.

Don’t let the free funds get involved

If you do not need your pension for a long time, it is definitely worth paying attention to one of the term or savings funds. The advantage is the low risk and zero cost of living and keeping. Deposits even on foreigners’ banks, including savings, are finally insured. The “price” for a change of security is the bag, as well as your TV, but it is valued. It is necessary to pay the income tax. However, do not forget that the term and savings (in K and foreign currency) are recommended for saving time for a short period of time, up to about 6 msc

If you are also willing to take the risk and you can take care of something according to less than a year, there is also an alternative. At present it is not a problem e.g. collectively invest in foreign mutual funds, directly in selected foreign currencies. The advantage is that the waste is transferred to foreigners, however, there is a risk of the risk of loss of exchange rates. Moreover, similarly to investments in Czech korunch, deposits are not insured in this case. Likewise, it cannot be guaranteed for the expected return. In this case, you will definitely not step aside if you contact an expert.

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