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It is the patient’s responsibility to pay regular fees at the nvtv lkae and at the hospital. The duty of the medical facility is enough for the patient to issue a proof of payment. And it is in your own best interest to keep the receipts.

Pavla Faksov had problems with her knee a few years ago, she underwent surgery, several times she was hospitalized for surgery at the Ostrava hospital, and even after a step she went to order a check-up and rehabilitation. She considered that she had paid all the regular fees associated with her.

In just two years, she drank a reminder. Not from the hospital, but from the agency ZANA invest as Pr the hospital owes 60 crowns. “I was not aware of the day of the debt, but unfortunately, the receipts for the payment were not paid to me, so I preferred to pay the bill immediately,” Mr. Faksov said. She thought it was over. At that moment, she had no idea that she had been sued. Although the ZANA agency took the investment back to the castle for a long time, it took a year for the castle to be ten years late in wine! Plus, she demanded an incredible 6,641 crowns for the cost of women.

Mr. Faksov therefore paid ten crowns for years of arrears, and appealed against the deposit. And she did. The court acknowledged that the required lawyer’s fee is disproportionately high. However, he decided that Mr. Faksov was obliged to pay 2,478 crowns, of which 2,178 crowns represented the costs of the first representation of the alliance and 300 crowns was a court fee.

“I don’t want to send a hospital as a reminder, it could have been done at two o’clock and she didn’t have to drink for two and a half thousand,” the patient says.

By assigning the receivable, the debt drastn vol

The hospital claims that she repeatedly called on Mr. Faks to the castle. “In 2011, Mstsk Hospital Ostrava transferred receivables for very long debts to another entity, namely the company ZANA Invest as, which became the owner and owner of the receivable,” Magda Othalov, spokesman for Mstsk Hospital Ostrava.

No matter how cadmium pipadatabsurdn, eze edestikorunov debt is you have to pay the lawyer at a rate of 2,178 crowns (36krt more), from the point of view of the first is at the bottom.

Is it worth paying 2,178 crowns for a 60-koruna debt to a lawyer?

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“Entrepreneurs are obliged to take care of the bottom of the pub, which means that they are obliged to collect even small receivables, because when they meet, it can be over a million,” explains lawyer Pavel Nastis. According to him, the reimbursement of the costs was correctly sweated according to the decree and the hospital is entitled to sell the receivables to another entity. In other words, neither the hospital nor the court is wrong here. “Mr. Faksov has to pay this amount, otherwise he is exposed to the risk of foreclosure and thus his debt would increase several times over,” warns the lawyer.

If you do not want to find yourself in a similar situation, remember:

  • A regular fee of thirty crowns is charged for visits to a drug in which a clinical examination has been performed.
  • In the case of hospitalization, a regular fee of several crowns is now paid for each day of the state, the decision of the state court will change and the six-crown fee will be paid (here).
  • On your behalf, the medical institution is obliged to issue a proof of payment of the fee.
  • The regulated fee for dismissal from the state must be paid within eight calendar days if the hospitalization was less than 30 days, or always on the last day of each calendar month in case the insured person is placed in a medical facility for more than 30 days .
  • If you leave the hospital after hospitalization, if you pay mono for the city. Request proof of payment and keep it.
  • If you receive a reminder or call in any way, respond to it, even if you have paid the fees for the regulations.

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