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The coronavirus epidemic caused problems for many entrepreneurs, so they tried to figure out where they could. Some people on the staff and contrary to the end of work. Evidence of this is the specific pdh of thin and the experience of the Sttnho series of labor inspection.

I wish you Mr. Vra. The editors know her name, but don’t be afraid to have a name in the line. She worked at the time of a prosperous hotel with an excellent kitchen. When the hotel and restaurant had to close due to a pandemic, the owner was in trouble, and the employees went to the hospital.

And that was not all. Kadma gave an amendment to the employment contracts to sign: a change in the employment relationship from indefinite to fixed-term. Several people protested, but the argument was that even if he gave them a call, they would still not receive severance pay, because they did not pay for it. But this is how they work for a brigade and they will be much better off financially.

The employee’s sick leave was one of the most common ills that the employer committed in times of forced restraint or closure. This is due to the experience of methodologies and the inspector of the Labor Inspection Board (SIP).

If this is not in accordance with the law and no one is forced to do so, it is certainly clear. Temporary incapacity for work is decided by the company and I can only do so on the basis of the unfavorable health condition of the employee.

If an employee lied to his doctor and pretended to be a health worker, as a result of which his employee decided on temporary incapacity for work and the employee was subsequently paid sickness insurance, the employee could commit another criminal fraud, warns lawyer Pavel Nastis.

In this context, we can understand the motives of employees, who in some cases approach this practice (for example, fear of loss of employment), a regrettable fact is that this practice would not be possible without the participation of those who decide on temporary incapacity for work, comments State Council. labor inspection Richard Koliba.

Do not sign anything, do not agree

Mr. Vraje is the mother of an eight-year-old son, so she stayed at home with a small stamp. However, an agreement to change the employment relationship from indefinite to a fixed term. I start working on June 15 and by then I have to decide. But let me know that the brigda is unsuitable for me, look for advice on thin

An agreement on the performance of work and an agreement on employment are ways of performing work outside the employment relationship. However, the employee is not as lenient as in the case of an employment relationship, he is not entitled to vacation, severance pay or travel expenses, and there is no restriction that the employer is only liable for final reasons, an appointed lawyer. The employment relationship is therefore more suitable for employees. In addition, signing the agreement would deprive Mr Vra of severance pay. Despite the fact that nowhere is I sure that I will employ her for at least that brigade.

Employees in these situations are advised not to enter into contractual arrangements with which they disagree and not to sign agreements without any real pressure, even under pressure. The consequences of the signature are essentially irrevocable and irreversible and often unsuitable for employees, it is recommended to speak SIP.

Similar practices, where the employer with more and less intensive forms of pressure from requests for understanding of the difficult situation and the threat of immediate termination of employment forced employees to various changes in employment contracts (shortened relationship, change of fixed-term contract, agreements on the employment relationship) ARROW.

However, the role of the inspector is problematic in such cases – the inspector cannot state the lack of validity and invalidity of the document, although the employer’s proposals are often in conflict with good morals. If, for example, the notice of employment does not contain a reason for termination, shortens the expiry of the notice period or the employees terminate the severance pay, here inspectors can state not its invalidity, but the breach of employment, yes, including the imposition of sanctions, adds Richard Koliba.

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