For dm you need two insurance policies: for real estate and household

When your property is insured, it is not enough to just send a pension. You should contact the insurance company, even if it is not ready. When you renovate the kitchen and you are newly equipped.

Find out how good your insurance is and if something happens unpleasantly. And u vs “navtv” thief, or big water. That u vak me bt pozd. It is ideal to open your insurance contract for at least another year and rethink what you have and how much you can insure.

1. Take care of the contract
The most common problem is outdated insurance contracts. The representatives of all the constituents agree on this.

“Insurance companies sometimes apply the institute of so-called undercarriage. The client is insured for a lower value, not the price of the new household equipment at this code. For example, it is assumed that when a household insures 250,000 crowns, the care of everything will not be lost at once. Then you, he’ll lose everything and report the code for a million. And you think that when he drank so much, he gets at least 250 thousand. The insurance company will evaluate the situation as under-connected, because the relay should only cover half of the property and not the whole. He thus misled the insurance company and it will affect him by proportional bleeding for underarms, in this case, in this case, it could cut a full 125,000 crowns, ”explains Tom Bok from Kapitol.

First of all, keep in mind that if you drank a whole home, you should have enough money from the insurance company to get a new one. And include in the offer that the prices in construction are rising, in addition to the increase in VAT and thus gave health.

You can set up automatic indexation in insurance contracts, which will help you find insurance policies in relation to the value of the property, points out Her Cvka from the Generali insurance company. In this way, you value the property yourself, for example, put on a new TV, sweat, new floors.

2. One fuse is not present
Dm, apartment, I live there, so one hundred insurance. Attention, it is not the same and the connection distinguishes between two different connections: real estate and household. “When it’s very easy, if you turn your apartment or house upside down, then what doesn’t move, that is, your walls, is included in the bonded property. What is inside and falls to the ground then belongs to the area of ​​the household, ”explains Tom Zavoral from the Czech insurance company.

So it often happens that the owner of a family house takes out real estate insurance and the household does not, because he thinks that they can connect it automatically. When the code runs out, the stream protects you through the house, the insurance company only pays for the codes for the house, and you will have to give things that will float or the water will destroy them. Conversely, when you only insure the household and the whole house, you get at least a hundred compared to the actual code. Most couples offer it suitable packages, where they insure real estate and household at the same time.

3. Report the change of ownership
When the owner of the house changes, even for the sake of sale, even if the owner of the land, the bondholder usually disappears. Specifically, it is described in the insurance conditions. Whoever dd zdd or buy, must conclude a new contract. If he did not do so and the code became, the insurance company would not pay the code, even if he proved that he had paid the voucher.

4. Find out what is safe
It is a mistake to settle for seeing the cheapest insurance. It is important to know that you have insured your house and apartment against that. “According to our experience, the people err in not insuring, for example, floods and alluvium, alienation, vandalism, and then they are disappointed that they get nothing,” said Petr Milata from SOB Pojiovny.

“Forget about the various accessories of houses and buildings, swimming pools, pergolas, feathers kter, which in most cases have to be insured,” adds Milan Ka from Kooperativa. Even if the insurance conditions are long and lifeless, it pays off. You have an arranged assistance service, which I will quickly remember and you don’t even know about it.

5. Keep the documents
As well as setting the insurance contract in time, there is enough proof for the insurance company. That’s where the code happens. “I highly recommend photo documentation or video of the entire apartment with detailed collections, including production cells. And most importantly, keep this documentation outside the connected apartment so that it is not destroyed. In the case of valuables and extraordinary value, I recommend using the services of a forensic expert, ”recommends Pavel Ronovsk from

In case of insufficient documentation, the insurance company may first reduce the insurance benefit or even reimburse the code at all.

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