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The euro, as a common European currency, has taken root in most of the so-called old states of the European Union. Nov stty ovem in his father drink stle tpou. How is the esk republic? How do the arguments for and against our entry into the European Monetary Union? And how do you drink and not drink the euro affect Czech investors?

The question of whether and not to accept the euro in the Republic is still current among experts and each party has its arguments for and against. The only thing the two sides agree on is that if you have to drink the euro, you have to come to terms with it. This is also one of the reasons why politicians decided that the original term in 2010, by many experts for a long time called it unrealistic, so it definitely fell. It is currently being considered whether the years 2012 and 2013 will be relevant.

The population of the Czech Republic in Europe is strongly skeptical of these skeptics and most people oppose the adoption of the euro. Their disapproving position is mainly due to the fact that the Czech Republic has a big problem with the fulfillment of basic criteria for the adoption of a single European currency. It is mainly a public finance deficit that has literally spiraled out of control. Entry into the ERM 2 exchange rate regime (Exchange Rate Mechanism 2, the basis of which is to be struck for at least two years in a fluctuating dog of 15% around the approved medium value) is thus in sight. For example, the Slovak brothers decided to take this step a year ago.

How they are for and against

It is possible that the argument against the rapid adoption of the euro is much more pro and better logitji. A very frequent argument against the early arrival of a common European currency is the fear of health benefits that will not be offset by wage growth. Most people do not like the fact that the adoption of the euro is known to limit the decision-making powers of domestic central banks, especially in the field of monetary policy. NB will thus practically lose control over the exchange rate, annual rates and thus inflation. This could lead to a slowdown in economic growth, which would not be positive for R as a country that needs growth faster than the country.

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The biggest problem here is the problem of the diversity of individual countries and the development of their economies. Central decision-making across Europe may not suit all countries. In the worst case, the existence of a central bank may lead to a widening gap between developed and poor economies. That is why it is necessary for the state to be as well prepared as possible and thus not to go anywhere.

An interesting argument against the introduction of the euro in full is the fact that the euro is a practically artificial currency, which is introduced in countries where there are diametric differences in tax policy or the social system. This creates known problems and warms up the very drainage of the existence of the currency of the union, and here we will again get to the mentioned differences between the individual countries. There are many arguments that a developed country that did not join the union’s currencies is still economically good. Against these arguments, the fact that the time since the adoption of the euro is too short to take these results for granted can play a role. And secondly, entry into the currencies of the union is mandatory (new) for new members.

However, there are so many supporters of the fastest possible euro, who are supported mainly by companies focused on exports to the EU. They are exposed to a table of uncertainties in the form of crown crowns, which certainly does not give them optimism. Thus, macroeconomic instability is important in the event that the surrounding countries are gradually joined by the names of the two of us. Failure to disagree with the policy, downgrading the rating, or the influx of foreign investment could ultimately lead to instability in the exchange rate of the domestic currency, which in turn would complicate the compliance with the accession conditions. The political aspect could then exclude the Czech Republic from the decision-making processes taking place within the framework of the monetary union. For new people, the benefit of the euro in R would be price transparency.

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The consensus of both parties is to be honored only in difficult reforms in public finances, health care or the social and pension system. However, reforms have long been a cornerstone of one parliament and their adoption is quite unlikely in the current situation. The fact that the basis is systematicity and not hastened the short-term een, the term of their supply practically delays more.

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It will be interesting to see how politicians will be decided in the income, or how they will persuade citizens to retire themselves, because it will not pay them anything in retirement, when in a year they can not agree on who will actually own . If they still make a responsible excuse for the previous governments and hope for the courage of the future, the euro will never be with us. The greatest joy in this situation is long, which disagrees with the very functioning of the European Union and some common sense is unthinkable for them. The others have no choice but to wait and hope. In the meantime, we can hide the fact that countries like Hungary or Poland are in a position to drive and their entry into the Union’s currencies is so unknown.

Is it worth investing in the euro?

For investors, that means the only thing in the end. Those who invest in korunch and have recently been haunted by doubts as to whether long-term investment in the European currency will not be appropriate can remain calm. The euro will not be the only currency with us so soon and investing in Czech crowns will be suitable for several years, especially for conservative investors, for whom the possibility of strengthening the Czech crown in the European currency is the remaining luxury, increasing the risk of their portfolios. For those who currently invest it in euros, it is again appropriate to keep your investment and not to convert them into crowns. This salary especially for long-term investors.

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