For a thousand suits you get 30 thousand crowns, lk company for a beer

Daniela Schusserov from Jesenice wanted to play a little for her retirement. She responded to the company’s advertisement, which promised sun profits for a full suit. But the only one who issued was the company.

Daniela was looking for a job at home and found an advertisement by Truxa group from Tince: Full suit from home, we pay and 30 crowns apiece. Nabdka looked authentic, addressed Danielfirm and answered in no time. In order to make money, the company paid 660 crowns for a starter pack. And so the pensioner paid the required amount.

Just fill the suit, but you have to get the addresses yourself

It was all over when the starter pack arrived. “They sent me ten ofocench peppers with a job offer, from the production of teddy bears, bunnies and dinosaurs and to the completion of ballpoint pens. Distribute these offers according to, ”said Mr. Schusser.

The letter also included a complete guide on how to earn, ie how to get 30 crowns for a full suit. The recipient can enter and pay for himself an advertisement of the type of work at home, production of clothing, information for a stamped suit. And when someone fields a franked suit with their address, then insert the advertising material in this way filled with unfilled suits to send the company back. For each such suit, the company pays 30 crowns, but only if the franking is a valid brand and to go a pilot is added in addition, if the mark is not in addition, then the reward is reduced to 20 crowns.

By the way, although there is an offer of various items in the advertising material, the information of the recipient is available only for a fee, at least two hundred per company Truxa group sro

“I want a good deal, but only for the company. In my opinion, this is nothing but an airplane, ”says Mr. Schusser. So she withdrew from the contract and gave a refund. Since then, the company has engraved Jr.

The company monost pivdlku advertises stle

There is more of a cheated recipient. For example, the user Markta in the internet discussion said: “Hello, so I came across this company and I warn everyone – do not send them pensions. stle prochzet. They are disgusting disgusting thieves and I hope that they will soon bother them even with the years, I would pay them a lot. ”

The company is sure that the offer is advertised by the company. The editorial staff has now signed up for the advertisement. She answered in no time. And the job offer looked promising, but put it on your own: “If you manage the print cap limit, get tens of thousands from us. You can withdraw from the contract and you will not have any unions with the company. And the entrance fee? Her just a pt set! ”

The company mentions that it is an active presentation of services, but nowhere does it say that an active presentation means that the person interested in working with the customer will have the customer.

We do not register a withdrawal from the contract, it is not a “plane”

We were interested in when the company drilled Mr. Schusser’s pension. Under the conditions of the furnace, it guarantees that it is possible to withdraw from the contract. Phones that Tuxa group lists are either unavailable or not being picked up.

In the end, the kiln company just sent at least a string of e-mails to it, albeit unfortunately without a signature: “It is not known that Mr. Schusser would withdraw from the contract. After withdrawing from the contract, no one will really have a day to contact the company. Let’s offer a program of cooperation in promotion. dn plane, how to do that. “

One company plays with fraud

“One of Truxa grouphrani’s companies with a fraudulent one or the address of an advertisement is misleading. The essential nature of the work offered to me, ”values ​​the company’s approach, lawyer Pavel Nastis.

According to the lawyer, therefore, Mr Schusserov proceeded first, when the company called for the return of 660 crowns on the grounds that it had been misled. The Truxa group is obliged to reimburse Mr. Schusser, and if he does not, it is possible to enforce this claim in court.

Recommended: file a penalty report

Even on the website of the Consumer Net organization, there are a number of people who have been known to Truxa group companies. “In order for the perpetrator to commit another form of fraud, the total must be caused by a code of at least five thousand crowns, but if there is more damage, the affairs will happen and the total amount by which the company has enriched, will certainly be sure to set this limit,” said Michaela Novkov. I recommend that they continue to contact the police.

You can file a criminal complaint with any of the Police R services. It is good to know that you have further damage, the criminal complaint is not very appropriate and you would be happy to join it. Report to the police to inform them of the outcome of the procedure and the measures taken.

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