For a stay in a quarantine dog the same pension as for sick leave

Forced a stay in a quarantine in the mountains or at first glance may look like an extended vacation in an attractive destination. In addition to a number of other complications, the bag must be covered, even though, unlike the holidays, the time will not be paid in any time by the employer.

The employer is in any case obliged to apologize for the inactivity caused by the quarantine at work and to assess it as a nuisance at work on the part of the employee.

The employee must inform about the occurrence of such a fine and the expected time permanently without undue delay. It is assumed that the certificate will issue a Certificate of Quarantine, to lawyer Lucie Kalaov from bpv Braun Partners.

This is the case at least in the event that the employee finds himself in quarantine in the Czech Republic. And what to do when a quarantine has been called for Tenerife tourists? The Czech Republic and Spain are members of the EU, so in the event that Czech employees were quarantined in Spain, in terms of claiming sickness benefits according to common European rules, the press of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Kristna Kupkov.

Therefore, our employees must be issued a certificate of quarantine in their place of residence in Spain. It is built on the level of an eskma confirmed by a quarantine. The employee must send this confirmation to his / her employer in the Czech Republic so that the latter can pay him the salary.

In the event that the quarantine will last according to less than 14 calendar days, the employee must send a enough form about sickness in the event of incapacity for work in another EU member state / contracting state, which is located on the SSZ ePortel. All of them gave the panel confirmation of the permanent quarantine and its termination before the employee rejoins his Czech employer, who, together with the documents for the calculation of sickness benefits before the OSSZ to secure the payment of the sick leave, is approaching.

The simplified procedure is therefore carried out in exactly the same way as if it were a domestic quarantine case, but instead of Czech documents issued by a drug or public health authority, certificates are issued from abroad. According to changed European opinions, they have the same relevance as domestic documents, Kupkov noted.

The payment of pensions is then governed by the same rules as for illness. For the first 14 calendar days, the employee is entitled to a wage payment of more than 60 percent of the average debt. From the 15th day onwards, the employees of the sickness fund (you can find the sickness calculation for 2020 here).

If an employee catches a quarantine during the erpn leave, his leave is not revoked. During the period of employment allowed employees to pay wages in the amount of average debt, adds Kalaov.

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