First, do not throw away the photos and damage the damaged parts

code, which was created in me after the flood, first take a picture. Separate all damaged things and only then start cleaning. Do not throw away valuables until the liquidator has arrived. As far as it goes, you also want to save insurance contracts.

The photos are important, because the liquidator of the insurance company will not come to the city right away. The images will therefore be sent as proof of damage or destruction of property.

If you have financial problems due to floods, you can apply for a deposit in the insurance benefit. “If you want to pay the deposit to go before liquidating the insurance event, tell the liquidation technician who will come to you to make an inspection. The standard liquidation will take place on the basis of submitted invoices, or a budget, ”explains Petr Milata from SOB Pojiovny.

If the flood sent your farms, it is necessary to photograph and die invited. “It is necessary to remove it for hygienic reasons as soon as possible. Kafilern service can be contacted by dog ​​in general. It will be confirmed by the receipt of the dead piece, “said Marcela Kotyrov from the Czech Association.

The insurance company will need, in particular, the following documents for the quick declaration of liquidation: how it is connected to your phone (phone / mobile phone), if the house is uninhabitable, state the address to which it will be available.

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