Finding a stolen thing and a car does not have to be difficult, but financially necessary

Kadho met me. Thieves will steal a car or rob them of an apartment and the property will be lost forever. The insurance company pays the insurance, but then you get the first that the stolen property is found. But it doesn’t have to be good at first.

In case your stolen car or stolen things are found by accident, it is good to know that this can be a big financial problem. Especially when you use the pension from the insurance to buy new things and your account is not one of the most expensive.

Pojiovn must find all things reported

“If the client receives information that his theft has been stolen, or may be used in pawnshops, he is obliged to inform the insurance company. The priority is to return the insurance premium, ”points out Milan Ka from the Kooperativa insurance company.

And similarly, Generali or you Direct Pojiovna will also want to support pensions. “The insurance company will pay for any repair costs if the goods have been damaged,” notes Ji Cvka from Generali.

But if the thief destroys the car so that the cost of repair exceeds its value, you can stay still. You do not have to return the insurance company as a full code and pension for the paid insurance. “We can then mediate the sale of the rest of his vehicle to the client through online auctions,” said Kateina Krsov, speaking Direct Pojiovny.

According to the conceived, trying to clean up the insurance company and hide the fact that the kiln only managed to clean up the stolen property. “The client would be enriched without reason and subject to punishment, or he would avoid execution,” warns Pavel Fier from esk pojiovny (P).

Do not want to automatically return pensions

Some insurance companies, such as Allianz, esk pojiovna and SOB Pojiovna, proceed in situations where a stolen vine is found or a car can be found. “Taking the found property back and borrowing the pension pension for the paid insurance is only one of the two options that the client can choose,” to Pavel Novotn, director of the liquidation department of Allianz pojiovny.

If the client does not know about the found thing and does not want it back, he does not have to return the pension. “In such a case, the client enters into a so-called probationary contract with the insurance company stating that the insurance company may dispose of the property. Stealing and rediscovering things that their original owner is not interested in, we will most often sell them in online auctions run by our contractual partner, ”explains Novotn.

In addition to the first variant, ie the return of pensions and leave to find things, the owner usually uses valuable paintings, antiquity and perks. “Often, clients take back items that do not have much financial value, but are important for personal reasons to which their memories relate, or have an emotional relationship with them.”

An example is a clergyman in a villa in Prague 4. ”Recently, a set of nuns and rings was discovered in antiquity, which the grandmother donated to her grandchildren on her 18th birthday for three generations. Thanks to the finding, the tradition in the family could have been preserved and the owner did not hesitate for a moment with the refund of pensions for insurance benefits, ”Novotn explains.

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