Find the identity of your company, set your image

Corporate Identity is a corporate style that includes a logo, uniform colors and rules that determine their use and guarantee a uniform style of the company’s presentation. So many foreign words. Let’s explain vc.

Corporate Identity, or the visual identity of each company, is the primary indicator of the company’s culture and image. When making a decision, the client decides not only the quality of your offer, but also the way it is presented. Sophisticated business cards and perfect headers often take the first factor that brought the scales to your side. A quality corporate image is one of the main aspects of communication marketing.

The high and aesthetic quality of visuals of company documents, catalogs, business cards, etc. is important not only for obtaining a first impression, for example from a company catalog or web presentation. Quality Corporate Identity makes a significant way to send you awareness about your products, services or brands.

Logo, printed matter
We will use the graphic design of the company logo characters. The company logo, with which the company presents itself, is undoubtedly a complex graphic element that is inextricably linked to the company, its products and services. The logo me to include both text and graphic elements. When creating a logo, as well as when creating a comprehensive Corporate Identity, the advertising company that exchanged them should proceed with an aesthetic sense, with regard to the field of activity of the company and thus take into account the universality of using logos for company presentation.

An important aspect of Corporate Identity is the uniform visual appearance of all corporate publications and promotional materials. These documents include business cards, letterheads such as fax, first, general document or contract, according to the template for electronic documents, for example for e-mail, and the layout or appearance of company catalogs, reference sheets. And we can also put self-adhesive labels there.

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Company presentation
An important bite of Corporate Identity is the presentation of the company to the public. This actually communicates basic and detailed information about your company or your products to potential customers. Advertising agencies usually design and process advertisements that should be interesting and engaging, inventing and engaging text. For the company, they will design a visual form of large-format printing, ie a billboard, or, just a package for the company’s product. Corporate Identity services include the so-called Car image. Unfortunately, most companies underestimate the number of company cars. At the same time, it is a financial non-financial and at the same time attractive form of promotion.

Grafick manul
An important bite of Corporate Identity is the graphic manual. This is actually a comprehensive elaboration of rules and recommended for the same and electronic visual presentation of the company. The graphic manual, as well as the entire Corporate Identity, can be read either comprehensively, even by individual hundreds, exactly according to the needs of the order. The graphic manual is usually delivered as an document in electronic form on a CD-ROM. What does a comprehensive graphic manual contain? In according to the pn message, but mainly:

Summary of graphic rules
Document layout definition
Definitions and rules of teaching style to a dog
Definition of colors and rules for their uvn
Logo, its variants and rules for logos
Company documents templates, letterheads, business cards

Who and for how much?
If you do not want to go to your CI company or do not identify with you, look for the new identity of your company. There are plates of advertising agencies that are committed to Corporate Identity. Nobody will specify the exact prices, but according to the back, they can range from thousands to tens of crowns. In the case of multinational giants, they are, of course, statisticians, a single order worth millions of crowns.

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