Finann literacy nroda: Jet tden mte anci vyhr smart mobil

Are you familiar with the terms on contracts of financial institutions? Which vr is the most suitable and what does a compound year mean? According to a survey for Potovn spoitelna, I also want to understand finance, but it’s not too fun.

“We found that the most people in the deep education in the field of finance lack the time, size and complexity of information. Please find your way around them, ”comments Ale Pospil from Potovn spoitelna on the results of the survey.

According to a survey by STEM / MARK, retirees for children on a bicycle should be treated for the first time. If people had 100 additional lessons available for each grade, then the highest number of them (on average 14) would be provided by financial and economic education.

We should be happy not only in the round, but also in the future. Good orientation in financial products is very important, especially in the period of constant reforms. Do you think that you have a view and just don’t get anything, or do you want to enjoy something? If you do not belong to the lnch group, take a few minutes to test yourself. The reward will be not only the victory, but also the opportunity to supplement your knowledge.

Help change and improve the financial literacy of them

Together with the Bankovnipoplatky.compro vs redakce server, it has prepared a test with 60 questions, which thoroughly proves how you are doing with financial and banking literacy.

If you don’t make a mistake, you’ll be taken to the HTC Explorer smart phone. You can find the rules of the competition here.

There is no time limit for completing the test, when you will not know anything, you can study the darkness gradually. For example, you can find help here.

One smart phone winner will be drawn from the author of the correct answers on and the website.

Jet zbv tden, vsledky zveejnme zatkem ervna

You can reply until May 31, 2012. The winner will first receive the e-mail, so it is necessary to have the current address entered in the MjPas loyalty system. Although it will take a while to answer all 60 questions, the test will not be printed on both servers.

We will publish the first answers and after the end of the competition. We are also going to ask selected politicians the selected questions. We then compare their answers with that knowledge.

“I am surprised at how big the ast is. It answer to 60 otzeknen really dn fun. The joy and results of the analysis we give after the rest of the sweat will be relevant and meaningful. In addition to the game itself and the research, the knowledge in the field of finance is certainly an unquestionable effect, so that the participant was looking for materials for the correct answers on the Internet and thus gained useful information outside the mega-test itself, “said test author Patrik Nacher.

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