Finann keeps the green light, even among the Roma billion

Financial illiterate clients pose a great risk to banks and non-banking companies. According to their experience, people who have problems with fulfillment are recruited from these clients. At the same time, employees have a lot more financial status with them than with clients who are better acquainted with finances.

“A person who has at least a basic knowledge of financial issues is an equal partner for the bank as well as the non-banking company. It is much easier to negotiate with him and offer him a suitable product, ”adds Zuzana Kortusov, manager of the Alphabet of Family Finance project, which aims to teach the general public to navigate the world of financial products.

The sponsor of the project is Provrov Financial. Project cl on non-profits, budgets and contributions of the organization, as well as schools and various associations.

“It can be, for example, a provider of social services, low-threshold facilities, series of work, civic counseling, maternity centers and retirement clubs,” adds Zuzana Kortusov.

The collection of education is really wide. From high school students and Roma billion from low-threshold facilities, the dog is born on parental leave or mothers with children from shelters and to seniors and disabled citizens.

The principle of financial education of the population is simple. The organization will ask for a grant in which the target group of the people they work for, including the area in which they want to educate them.

According to the lecturer and if selected, the lecturer will complete an intensive weekly free knee submission submitted by the project team. It follows the main thing – the financial education public. The lecturer must spend at least 16 hours for each of the groups that take part in it.

After the seminar, the lecturer informs the project obligations about the course of education, including sent photographs and feedback from participants.

The project started last autumn, grants were awarded to eight organizations (eg Majk from Liberec, Dm dt and mldee from Prague 3 – Ulita, Asylum dm for women from Vsetno, Farn Charita Lovosice, Sdruen Romano Jasnica). According to eight lecturers, 231 participants in financial education from various target groups (eg the Roma billion in the low-threshold area, students of the 3rd and 4th rounds of the middle round, clients of a number of work and an asylum house).

Every hunter will encounter the content of intertwined darknesses in his life. around their lecturer, they are approached by a group of sisters on his elephant. For example, when training young people who do not have their own income, the lecturer must take into account their abilities and current knowledge. “The lecturer will be introduced to various tables, practical examples of themed games, on which they demonstrate real life in the world of finance. The basis is to teach them to compile their own family budget, to take into account incomes and expenses, and to get to know the pitfalls of debt, ”to Zuzana Kortusov.

According to the experience of the lecturer from her seminars, young people are prone to “fly” differently at first glance suitable suitable product.

The different approach and content of financial education must be chosen for clients of shelters who are on the verge of subsistence and problems related to the decline in income, debt and even execution.

how many rooms at the seed in the asylum house.

In the current project Alphabet of Family Finance, together with the project partners, a grant for financial education to the public from all over the Czech Republic with 15 organizations will be selected from thirty mines.

Again, there will be people from various social groups among the provoked persons – e.g. people from disadvantaged backgrounds, municipal employees, seniors, the disabled, secondary school teachers, Roma billion and parents on maternity or parental leave.

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