Falen e-mail from esk spoitelny lk sla t. No one was damaged

The people first arrived in the e-mail mailboxes from esk spoitelny. The sender, who pretends to be a bank representative, asks you to activate the new security. There is a bag of fraudsters who just want to get access to foreign teams.

At first glance, the e-mail, which the boards pointed out at Technet.cz, is doubled.

How to armor

  • Don’t give me an e-mail, especially the team that wants to give you some sensitive data
  • Similarly, first check directly at the bank
  • If you find out that you have encountered such a fraud, block it and report it to the R Police if necessary.
  • “In the e-mail, I am trying to persuade me to pedal the login information on a page that is identical to the CSAS page. It’s just on a server in India, like Peter.

    tonk thus uses the subscribed name of the sender, who is like an esk spoitelna. It is a stream called “rhybaen”. More about this issue here.

    The text itself is not so clear at first, but some of my experienced users will fit me.

    “Because the link above contains a precise graphic copy of esk spoitelna’s homebanking pages, there is a great danger that a lot of ignorant users will give back their data here and this will basically provide them unknowingly to a few people,” Ladislav from Prague warned again.



    The backing and the original page are basically the same

    First of all, in view of the current situation, the Bank announces the following month for the month of the fight against the fronts, the user should be discouraged.

    Who listens, gradually owns et
    Whoever clicks on the link, which is hidden in the e-mail, and which appears to lead to the pages https://www.servis24.cz/ebanking-s24/, will be redirected completely differently.

    At the foreign address (a few more users) there is a copy of the registration box for internet banking esk spoitelny. Whoever puts into the pihlaovacho formula of their approaches to this, I am sure that the first pedal is a tonic who will try to force them to steal his here.

    The attacked user is not left to contact the bank immediately. esk spoitelna recommends that people do not respond to this e-mail and delete it.

    “We are preparing information for clients on our website,” said Kristna Havligerov from the press department of esk spoitelny, adding: “If the people responded to the e-mail and entered the data for the service, they should immediately block et.”

    This can be done by repeatedly entering the wrong password three times in SERVIS 24, in branch S or via the Service 24 line (844 111 144). A system of subsequent unlocking services is generated for new security data.

    According to the words of esk spoitelna, in such cases never speak such a way of communication with its clients.


    Alert esk spoitelny

    Police advice: Change password
    This is also confirmed by the police presidium. “We strongly warn that a reputable banking institution does not perform this form of testing system in relation to the customer, even in this case, warns Roman Skepek in a press release.

    “If you sent it to your e-mail in response to this e-mail, we recommend that you immediately change your e-mail password on your e-banking system, and we also recommend that you contact your esk spoitelny branch, Skepek.

    “The choice of a Czech savings fraudster when sending an e-mail is not inappropriate. Most clients, and even the most important, some of them address, explains the press speech Sdruen to protect consumers Ivan Pickov.

    Citibank clients were also exposed to a similar flow. – Everything here.

    According to the latest information published before 5 pm by the Czech Savings Bank, the client has not been damaged so far.

    “Esk spoitelna is currently informed that some clients have responded to the e-mail, but the number of these clients is not yet known. It is important that the client is not damaged, so the unjustified funds from the client S were not withdrawn, ”states esk spoitelna in a press release.

    Falen letter

    Subject: Ceska sporitelna – Attention! New safety standards.
    Datum: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 20:39:18 +0100
    From: Ceska sporitelna ([email protected])
    Hello dear clients!

    The summer of 2006 was the most binding year for the Bank in terms of the number of illegal operations. The more he gave fraudsters interest in the confidential information of our customers. A large number of people turn to us with satisfaction to avoid the danger of losing funds from the account.

    With regard to the current situation, the Bank announces the following month for the month of fighting with the Frodo. By November 1, all our clients must activate the new system of security of their own accounts.

    We have done a lot of work to improve safety. The system has been inspected by recognized experts in the field of electronic payments, and all independent experts have confirmed the effectiveness of the system against fraud. Due to the risk of possible misuse of this data by fraudsters, this data is not published in open sources.

    You have been selected as one of the participants in the final stage of testing the system. Currently, we suggest that you use the link https://www.servis24.cz/ebanking-s24/ and activate a new security system in the standard way of logging in to Internet banking. Some discrepancies are possible at the current stage of operation.

    We will admit their existence, so please do not send additional descriptions of emerging problems, work to eliminate them is already underway.

    We must inform you about the unconditional use of the new system from November, otherwise your accounts will be blocked until your person is fully identified. Therefore, we recommend switching to the new safety standard as soon as possible.

    Sincerely, Department of the Bank for Freedom Protection.

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